15 years of World of Warcraft, my pet journey

Posted by Ambroise Pierre on November 27th, 2019

15 years of World of Warcraft, my pet journey

The upcoming weekend of November 23, the "Warcraft" series of movies ushered in some important festivals. Twenty-five years ago, Blizzard's fantasy series Orcs and Humans debuted in the game. Fifteen years ago, World of Warcraft was open to all players and changed video games forever. To me, World of Warcraft is a very interesting thing. It has accompanied me for many years to help me spend my long and boring time.

The fantastic canine plays an incredible decisive role in the time I spend on the coast of Azeroth. Although I have been intermittently exposed to World of Warcraft since I was a teenager, I only really encountered World of Warcraft in the 2010 expansion film "Cataclysm". The reason I do this is that players can choose their own mission image in the game, and an incredible British werewolf race joins the league. I still remember when the WOW Classic Power Leveling version and the master bedroom passed the level easily, so I have been using it as an aid. To me this is a great help.

Although I have been involved in many characters over the years, my first World of Warcraft biggest character is a werewolf hunter, a long-range profession that mixes distance damage and manages pets to fight alongside you. Now, in the seventh expansion of the game (the eighth will be released next year!), Fighting for Azeroth, my main character is another werewolf, this time a warrior, using his own sword to charge in Kill monsters on the battlefield!

"Warcraft" is also a game that I started playing in personally difficult times. When the real world hits a trough, I can easily spend some time in it. In 2015, my first game pet, a Westie named Millie, died and it helped me the most. I have been playing the werewolf hunter game since 2010. Its most determined partner in battle is a mastiff dog. It is the pet when all werewolf hunters start the game. I named it "Milli"-for a while, I thought she was still there to help me deal with the nasty orc warlock or the invading demon legion.

 WOW Classic Gold

In those years, I also started to accumulate many cute dog pets, and World of Warcraft added many additional content that is different from other similar games. Over the years, the pet system has changed from a cute little animal to a website dedicated to recording all pets, which you can find in the game as rewards and special loot. Over the years, Blizzard has raised hundreds of thousands of dollars for charity, selling special pets to do good deeds. Now you can even use your collected game pets to fight other players in a virtual Pokemon-style mini-game.

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