The Four Secrets to Purchasing Your First Marijuana In the Post-Legalization Era

Posted by Eddy Marcelin on November 27th, 2019

After the Canadian government gave the nod to the legalization of cannabis for medical and recreational use, lovers of 420 are taking a breath of relief.

What does this mean to the majority of occasional smokers and pros? Well, it means no more need to visit shady areas or corners at night for buying the weed.

It also means that one can buy weed for recreational use without the threat of legal action.

There is good news, and that is now the individual can purchase weed online without any hassle.

However, at the same time, there are some essential guidelines the individual need to follow when placing the first order.

1. Research

Before deciding to look for marijuana extracts for sale, make sure to do sufficient research about what they offer. Also, research on what the competitor is providing at the same price.

One can also compare the companies to find out the one providing the best weed with maximum varieties. It will help the person know about different weed sellers online within their area.

2. Consider the Price

Another essential factor to consider is comparing the prices of the different strains of marijuana available online. Moreover, choose the company providing the same product at a reasonable price.

Make sure to compare the costs of the local dispensary and check online to know which one is a bit within the budget.

3. Know The Reason Behind Purchasing Online

Although there are a plethora of dispensaries providing the best marijuana strain at affordable rates, make sure to see the reason behind the said product.

One might want to try out the different flavors or want to know the prices available at different dispensaries, make sure the purpose for ordering the weed fulfilled.

There are many ways in which one can place an order online, so make sure to purchase from a reliable dispensary. The person can search for the cheapest online dispensary in Canada for the same.

4. Purchase from Certified Dealer

To remain safe while purchasing marijuana online, avoid sellers who do not have the certification to deal with weed.

Since weed is still facing a legal battle in many states of Canada, some online stores provide this magical herb via illegal route.

Make sure not to buy from such a dealer, as they might provide a counterfeit product, which is always harmful to one’s health.

Read the online reviews about the dealer providing marijuana, especially if they are certified or not.

Make sure to know if they are selling weed in the shadows or are a legitimate supplier.


Thus, when looking for marijuana extracts for sale, then make sure to avoid dealing with dealers who do not carry the necessary license. Make sure to read the information they have given on their website.

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