5 managerial mistakes that can make your company suffer

Posted by James Vargas on November 27th, 2019

As they say "It's not that easy to make people work for you and especially the way you like". Being a leader or a manager, you have to be very cautious about doing things in the right way.

But do you think that anyone can be just perfect every time they do something? No right, no one is perfect and the best-trained professionals also tend to make mistakes, whether it's in terms of the under-performing team or a deal getting out of hand.

However, making these mistakes timely could affect the overall development of the company. To all the managerial heads of organizations, here are some common mistakes to avoid when it comes to managing your team.

  • Avoiding team meetings 

Never ever say no for the discussions that are related to your work. You are the manager, your team might need a review or feedback on their work, or might just want to discuss a new idea that could be profitable to the company. 

Avoiding such discussions might make them feel undervalued and give them the impression of the management being too lazy to even discuss the points that could matter. So make sure you impart the right time for such things as at least you would not regret not listening to them in the future.

  •  Improper delegation of tasks 

Being a leader, you have to develop the skill to understand the capabilities of the people working under you. The most important task you have here is delegating the right work to the one who matches the capability to perform it well.

Improper task allocation might put your employees into trouble as they don't have the exact idea about how things can be done and will take more time to deliver it.

  •  Unrealistic expectations 

Expectations sometimes can make people work harder, but when they are unrealistic or something that's completely out of the scope it leads to disappointments and failures.

Your team should be aware of what is expected from them, so before you make any decision or claim something to your client in terms of the output, make sure you keep in mind the time-frames and possibilities.

Discuss it with your team, before you say YES to someone.

  • Poor communication

The worst thing that can make a company suffer is the lack of communication or the misunderstandings that lead to conflicts.

Effective communication is what makes a leader different from the rest of the crowd. Don't make a hierarchical structure where everyone has to ask the specific authority to get their answers, but allow your employees to be free to talk about their confusion or dilemmas openly.

Let everyone know what the other person is doing so that it remains clear that there is no repetition in terms of work or delivery.

  • Less focus on employee recreation 

The last thing that most of the managers overlook is giving the employees the right culture or environment that can help them give more productive outputs.

Recreational activities or team building exercise can make them bond better and help them get more synchronized in terms of work and play. Moreover, it also creates a happy place where your people would love to come and work.

Summing Up 

Small changes can bring in big outputs. Your managing skills might be great, but keeping in mind some of the above points might help you make it better along with saving your company from suffering from the minute problems that can become huge with time.

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