How to remove the heated towel rail for decoration

Posted by Ali Tariq on November 27th, 2019

During the process of decorating your home, you might come across the need to remove the heated towel rails Sydney and refit it later after decoration. With the heated towel rail fitted on the room position, you will have a hard time cleaning the occupied area, which will affect your home décor. However, with the detailed instruction on how to remove the heated towel rails, you will get the best of design for your home décor by removing the tracks.

It does not matter at the time of the brand you are using, whether it is Villeroy & Boch, because the method works seamlessly on all the towel rails. By removing the heated towel rail, you will have the opportunity of adding a radiator kit that will help you in saving heat.

Before removing the heated towel rail from the room wall, here are the essential tools that you will need to fasten the process:

  • Phillips screwdrivers

  • Adjustable spanner

  • Pair of grips

  • Towels

  • Washing bowl

  • Radiator key

Steps and process of removing the heated towel rail from the fitted position

  1. Closing the heated towel rail valves

You need to hold the lid of the towel rail and continuously turn them clockwise.

  1. Removing the screws

After turning the valve to close it properly, you can use the screwdriver to remove the screws from the wall bracket.

  1. Using the washing bowl

You might be wondering why the towel and washing bowl is essential. Here is what you need to do, place the towels and the container underneath the radiator valve. You do not want to miss this option to avoid water dripping on the floor.

  1. Remove the valve knot

With the spanner matching the knot size, use it to turn and remove the valve knot to open the outlet. When the outlet is, finally, opened water might flow through the outlet inside the bowl. Use your hand to drain all the water out of the towel radiator, making sure that all of the water flows inside the container.

  1. Open the valve properly

Even after the water has stopped dripping inside the bowl. Try and opened the lid through the radiator key to drain all of the water inside. With this, the radiator will now be empty from water.

  1. Checking all the valve

Also, make sure that other valves around the radiator are opened and drained off water. Now remove the bowl and towels underneath the heater. Then slowly pull out the radiator for the wall and pour the last content of water inside the container. When it is completely drained inside the bowl, turn and removed the radiator valve to seal it from dripping water.

  1. Remove the wall bracket

Now the hard work has been completed, loosen the remaining wall bracket, and start decorating your room. After the decoration is done, you can begin by refitting the heated towel rails back. Tighten all the removed knots from its position while filling the radiator with enough water again.

If you still find it difficult to remove the heated towel rails to design the room. You can try hiring a designer and expert to fix the room decoration for you. The designer can help in coordinating all the little details and features required in designing the room. 

Sometimes, you might be able to find a designer who has different varieties of skills who can remove the fittings while decorating the room for you. Sometimes it is much better having more designers who have vast knowledge in their specialized job. Setting up your room will hugely help in improving your home. It will help you to feel comfortable when you are inside your house.

Therefore, this can help all of your family members that use each room to relax and have advance experience. Starting the decoration of your home requires you to be dedicated to buying the appropriate accessories as heated towel rails Sydney. No matter your financial status, home location, you can set up a perfect room once you have the idea. Another option that you might need to consider if you have an economic problem is applying for a loan.

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