Why You Need To Store Gun In A Locked Pelican Case!

Posted by Cobra Foam Inserts and Cases on November 27th, 2019

The pelican gun case foam storage pack will keep your gun safe in the lock and make sure that your weapon is staying away from the reach of children. The sealed storage case will protect your gun from tragic accidents in the home. With the locked pelican case you can keep your rifle stay out of the hands of intruders and burglars. A hard storage box will provide outstanding protection to your gun in comparison to the soft case.

The tightly sealed and locked storage case will keep your rifle neat and clean. It will protect the firearm from dust and water and keep it looking new always. Water and dust particles can severely affect the operation mechanism of fire weapon, so it is a better idea to store it in a solid case when you are not using it.

The custom-made storage box can protect the gun from excessive wear and tear, and it will enhance the life of your weapon. A pelican storage case is a perfect investment for you to keep the gun from banging into others in storage causing scratches and keep it shiny and clear.

Pelican gun case foam helps you to transport the firearm to shooting range conveniently. If you are a professional shooter and go to the shooting range every day for practice, then pelican case is the best choice for you to carry your gun conveniently and focus on your training. In the custom foam inserts, you can store your gun and other gun parts separately and take care of your weapon efficiently.

The pelican gun storage case is watertight and can survive for half an hour under the water. The moisture of water will never penetrate the box and keep the ammunition dry. You can safely carry your gun and magazine in the storage box while traveling to the hunting place without any problem with the help of pelican gun case.

Your expensive rifle will store rightly in the customizable pelican case. You can lay it on the foam and trace it out with a marker then merely pluck out the cubes of foam and fit your rifle in the case tightly.

The pelican gun storage cases are available in different size, shape, and design so you can find one that suits your needs and requirements. You can visit a certified dealer of pelican cases and see various boxes to buy one of your choice and preference.

The gun storage boxes are also available at affordable prices so you can make an investment in the reasonable budget. You can get a superior quality pelican gun case from 175 to 210 dollars and store your weapon in tight security. You can also get a padlock for your pelican case to ensure extra edge for the shelter of your costly gun.

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