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Are You apprised Of Why SEO Consulting Beats an SEO Package?

Posted by mariakterry on November 27th, 2019

There is always a difference between availing a package and availing a consultation. It is difficult to make the right choice, especially when you have limited knowledge about the matter. Search engine optimization is already a subject beyond your expertise. So, you need expert guidance for managing the entire procedure. 

Advice works better

You have bought a quality SEO package. Now, what does that mean? You have just got a list of links, and the number varies as per your package. You might have the links to some websites with over fifty domain authority. But, it is not sufficient always to build the perfect homepage and put the ideal contents. 

  •  The consultants do not restrict their perimeter of work. If you ask for 100 links, exactly 100 links are not what you get. You get the advice as to how to use the links. Moreover, you get the guidance for creating articles and placing those links at the correct points for better client acquisition.
  •  Often, you don’t even know what you must expect from an SEO package. The explanation of the procedure is crucial, and that’s what the consultant will do for you. Don’t think that the consultation will restrict to only one topic. The consultants help you out regarding the entire process of optimization.

Establishing brand value

The SEO package provider is not aware of your target audience. Even you also don’t know much about the visitors on your page. 

  •  Do you know why the visitors stay on your page for only a couple of seconds and not more?
  •  Are you aware of what the client is looking for when the person visits your website?
  •  Is there enough information about what is lacking in your web page that might be present on a competing website?

To get the answer to all these questions, you need the consultants and not the mere Certified SEO Packages. The analytics team of the consultants will analyze the activities on your website. The analytics team will let you know about the common queries of the visitors. Only then you can utilize this information and plan to buy an SEO package. 

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