Overview on ISO 10002 for Customer Satisfaction Certification

Posted by John Mills on November 27th, 2019

Companies always try to create the best product for their customers, in order to keep their products satisfied and regulars of brand. First Customers always try to communicate their complaints via various channels ranging from e-mails to social media postings, through online chats before buying any branded products. However complaints will always be a part of any product selling, possibly damaging the customer base.

What is ISO 10002?

The ISO 10002 is a complaints-handling process developed by the International Organization for Standardization (ISO)for Quality Management - Customer Satisfaction Certification. And which is available for organizations of all sizes and all sectors, the ISO 10002 certification supports organizations with their complaint management in order to keep customer satisfaction high and their product innovative.

As per the ISO 10002 standard, there requires to prepare ISO 10002 documents Also customer satisfaction is defined as a “customer's perception of the degree to which the customer's requirements have been fulfilled” while a customer complaint is an “expression of dissatisfaction made to an organization, related to its products, where a response or resolution is expected by implicitly or explicitly”.

How to implement the ISO 10002 in any organization?

Following are the implementation steps for ISO 10002:

  • To fulfil ISO 10002 requirements with Self-assessment of compliance,
  • preparation of a detailed Gap Analysis report,
  • Preparation of applicable documents followed by ISO 10002:2018 standard.
  • Provides ISO 10002 training to all levels of employees of organization.
  • Contacting on certification body accredited by the ISO.
  • Audit of the ISO 10002 procedures developed by organization.
  • If you succeed with audit of the organization, the ISO 10002 certification will be issued and handled.
  • If the success is not done, you will receive a list of improvement to do before trying again.

Above these implementation steps of ISO 10002 are valid for one year and can be renewed after a new audit. The International Organization for Standardization has published a few standards related to customer satisfaction related to ISO 10002 understanding the purpose of giving guidelines for managing customer satisfaction. It is very easy to assume that every single process that is in place to support the complaint handling system requires to be documented.

To fulfil the basic requirements for ISO 10002:2018 standard are the preparation of ISO 10002 documents for customer satisfaction certification. The most commonly used documents for ISO 10002 for implementation and one must require producing only these documents if you want ISO 10002 certification.

Following are the essential ISO 10002 documents for customer satisfaction certification:

  • ISO 10002 Manual
  • Mandatory Procedures
  • Policy
  • Exhibits
  • Process Approaches
  • Records
  • ISO 10002:2018 Audit Checklist

Since 1995, The Documentationconsultancy.com is providing complete help regarding training, documentation as well as online consultancy. Our high-class and effective services assure that your company gets ISO 10002 certificate without any doubts. Establishing ISO 10002:2018 documents and the proper control of documents are essential in order to identify, manage and understand how successfully deal with customers' complaints.

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