Grease Gun Types & Associated Benefits

Posted by Arslan on November 27th, 2019

The availability of grease gun is counted as one of the most helpful tool you can stock in your store or manufacturing plant. Honestly, this equipment is used regularly without actually realizing its importance or inner-functionalities. Let us try to place a deeper focus at the various grease gun types and further stress on primary practice concerns which are usually ignored by users.

Popular Grease Gun Variants

It is imperative to know this, grease guns offer three ways through which they can be driven: by hand, electricity or air. Apart from these specific variations, the hand-powered or manual grease gun can be manufactured either with pistol grip or a lever. The benefits associated to each of these below mentioned grease guns is fully dependent on its application and the lubrication specialist’s personal fondness.

Manual (Lever) –It is ranked as the most common variety of grease gun which is capable of supplying around 1.28 grams of grease in each pump. The grease is forced through an opening assisted by the hand pumps.

Manual (Pistol Grip) –It is basically a lever-type grease gun that permits the one-handed pumping technique, which has grown quite common. This grease gun provides almost 0.86 grams per pump.

Battery (Pistol Grip) –You can see it as a battery-powered, low-voltage grease gun which functions quite efficiently. The primary advantage of having a battery-operated grease gun is its cordless design.

Pneumatic (Pistol Grip) –For the operation of this grease gun, compressed air is concentrated into the gun using a hose stimulating a positive shift with each trigger.

Furthermore, other major variations available in grease gun models are managed as to how the grease is loaded within the gun. Such versions are known as cartridge, suction fill and bulk. These days, the grease cartridges market is experiencing a major boost as there has been an escalating need for cartridge-based grease guns in the industrial sector.

Precautions While Using Grease Gun

Not everyone can be perfect when it comes to using a grease gun. Here are some vital pointers which should be remembered while operating a grease gun to ensure safety and maximum efficiency.

  •          It is advised to make use of a vent plug along the bearing relief port to conveniently flush old grease and also to lessen the risk of additional pressure on the bearing.
  •          One must be highly cautious while loading grease within the grease gun so as to avoid contaminants to enter the setup. Suppose you are using a cartridge, be cautious at the time of removing the metal lid in order to avert the immersion of metal slivers.
  •          Do make sure the grease gun has specific markings to identify the type of grease that needs to be filled. Always prefer the identified grease and never opt for any alternative.

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