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Benefits of a robotics project in the classroom

Posted by emflairtechnologies on November 27th, 2019

Teachers always consider how to improve students' abilities. Educators look for the key to get the most out of their classes and for students to be interested in the subjects they explain. It is not a simple task and for this they look for formulas of all kinds. Elementary School promotes the use of educational robotics in the classrooms and takes care of applying it in them. Robotics achieves, that concepts of "traditional" subjects are understand in a different way and that young people begin in their first steps in the language of programming.


To propose a Robotics Curriculum Elementary School in the classrooms brings numerous benefits to the students. Students become the protagonists of their own learning and develop skills that are very valuable in the 21st century. Next, here are some of the advantages of implementing and promoting projects of this type in the classes:

  1. Motivation of students to learn: the educator stimulates curiosity and interest in students with projects that help stimulate them, investigate and learn. Motivated students, it means less school failure and greater success in the assimilation of concepts.
  1. Promotes creativity: It is confirmed that learning to program at an early age has a positive impact on the development of creativity. Teachers must propose projects for students to put their ideas and strategies into operation and thus complete the proposed theme. Creativity is one of the largest capacities that develop with the use of robotics like Electronic Product Design. Students can put into practice what they can think of, promoting originality and innovation.
  1. Develop autonomy: it is something scientifically proven that children who used Logo in early childhood education developed greater autonomy and attention. With the robotic projects that arise, the children plan the project, distribute the tasks and express their ideas. The educator has to set the ultimate goal and show how to properly use the digital tool. Children’s mostly use robotic system for Electronic Product Development.
  1. Strengthen social capacities: when children work with digital resources, if they are not able to solve a problem, doubts can be solved by their classmates, thus promoting socialization and companionship. Also the proposed projects can be carried out in groups, instilling the ability to work in a team. In this way, they debate among themselves about their ideas, cooperate and reach common agreements. Undoubtedly, this ability will be of great help in the future where they will probably have to work as a team in their working life.
  1. It encourages the critical spirit: when carrying out this type of projects, it is common for students to encounter obstacles (as in day to day). Learning the cause of the failure and solving it is part of the process of working with robotics. It gives them a critical and resolute spirit.
  1. Attend diversity: raising robotic projects in education stimulates all types of students. To those who find it difficult to learn, it offers new tools and resources and to those who are more advanced, it opens a new world of possibilities. 
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