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Top 3 Sagittarius Traits You Can Thank Jupiter For

Posted by zodiacweekly on November 27th, 2019

Top 3 Sagittarius Traits You Can Thank Jupiter For

If you’re a Sagittarian, you probably already know that your ruling planet is Jupiter.

But what you may not know is how the biggest planet up in the heavens holds sway in almost everything you do in life.

Yes. Your Sagittarian nature is heavily influenced by Jupiter.

In fact, your very energy comes from the planet of expansion and excess. It’s probably why you’re very prone to being extra.

While your sort of wasteful living isn’t something to appreciate your ruling planet for, here are 3 Sagittarius traits you’ll thank Jupiter for.

1. Your Exuberant Personality

Would you believe that your overflowing energy and cheer come from Zeus himself? Because it’s true!

Jupiter has blessed you with boundless energy that makes you so fun to be with. You are always cheerful and lively. Everyone can count on you to brighten up their day and replenish their depleted zest for life.

2. A Sense of Adventure

You love the outdoors! You are into sports and anything that takes you outside the four walls.

Life is a big adventure for you and you are always on the lookout for something new and exciting. You aren’t scared of going out of your comfort zone in your quest for new experiences and new people to connect with.

3. Undying Faithfulness

Most people characterize Sagittarians as risk-takers and gamblers. Sags are often made out to be fearless and unfazed, whatever the situation.

But honestly, all this talk of bravery is all because of one thing: faith.

You believe in a higher being. And what’s even more is you have trust in that higher being.

They say the Sagittarius’ symbol includes an arrow that’s always pointing up because Sags are always looking up to the heavens for spiritual guidance. It acts as their moral compass, perpetually pointing them to the right direction.

Although all of these Sagittarius traits are inherently positive, too much of them could also lead to negativity. Your exuberant personality and active mind could be interpreted as being restless, your sense of adventure could lead to commitment issues and your faith could cause spiritual imbalance.

It is important to bring out the good in all these Jupiter-given traits so that you can even be more proud of being a Sagittarius.

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