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Posted by johnnyjerry on November 27th, 2019

Mma Precious Ramotswe, online resources the No. 1 Ladies Detective agency, said her new habit of walking the two miles to her office every day, was due to the increase being used of the automobile in Botswana adding to a greater in laziness amongst it's people. In reality she was making the journey on foot because she anticipated that on hearing the unusual industrial noise coming from her aged and much loved little white vehicle from his car repair center next door to her office, her husband, Mr J. D. B. Matekoni would declare her hapless vehicle irreparable.

Tea Time for the Traditionally Built is somewhat less plot-driven than some of the previous installments in the series, focusing more on local tales and chat which are weaved in the multiple and occasionally rather thin sub-plots. These mini stories include Mma Ramotswe's distress over the possible loss of her beloved little white vehicle, the unusual losing skills of the Kalahari Swoopers football team, and two love triangles, one involving a lady with a case of multiple husbands.

Many characters that have appeared before in the No. 1 series crop up again here, including Mr. Polopetsi, a man who had a lucky escape in a previous novel, tries to help Mma Ramotswe. Charlie, Mr. J. D. B. Matekoni's lazy newbie also makes an appearance as does ever-helpless Mma Potokwane, who deals with the orphanage.  detective madrid

This is a heart-warming, feel-good novel that will make you feel good about life. Although it is hardly a thriller it does present a few light mysteries, treated at a slow pace to match that of the pace of life in the simple and kind world the story is defined. Read to relax, not to stimulate.

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