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How important is it to use a setting spray after makeup?

Posted by amosfred1990 on November 27th, 2019

Setting spray is a must-have for many makeup lovers. But does it work? What does it do? If you haven’t tried one before, this is a good time as any to test the product. If you’ve often wondered how dancers and actors could keep the makeup from melting off their faces from the start to end of a performance, the following facts will put an end to all those musings.

Using the Spray

A setting spray basically keeps your makeup from creasing. The substance also protects against smudging and fading. It is applied like a hairspray, with the substance distributed like a fine mist. You apply it once your makeup is done. That spray will help your makeup last longer.

Do You Need One?

If you use traditional makeup, then you’ll have plenty of use for a setting spray. The point of getting a setting spray is to ensure that your makeup stays in place. That’s a bit of a struggle if you’re still using traditional makeup products, though, which tends to smudge, crease, or fade after only a few hours. Once that happens, you’ll need to retouch before applying another layer of setting spray. With so many layers of paint on your face, it’s no wonder a lot of women complain about wearing so much makeup.

What About Airbrush Makeup?

If you use airbrush makeup, you’ll be surprised at how long the makeup lasts. If you want it to stay all day, though, use a setting spray. Airbrush foundation can last for hours. Depending on the base of the airbrush foundation you buy, you can apply makeup in the morning and still have the same fresh, flawless finish on your face hours later. That means you can do away with frequent touch-ups. You can go to work and still have supple, healthy-looking skin, from start to finish. Partner that up with a setting spray, and you have a winning combo on your hands.

Should I Switch to Airbrush Makeup?

Getting ready for work in the mornings takes time. If you love minimalist makeup, just use the setting spray over the sheer coverage and you can count on that to last you for the day. Without frequent touch-ups throughout your workday, you can concentrate on work. If you want to get started, look for a kit, one that comes with an airbrush gun and makeup. Learn the basics of using the airbrush gun and practice until you’ve mastered the machine. The sooner you learn, the sooner you can see the advantages of airbrush or spray makeup partnered with a setting spray.

What should I know before I buy a kit?

There are plenty of options out there. But if you’re only beginning to understand what airbrush makeup is about, it’s better to get a starter kit. The kit should contain everything you need for your first few sessions. Don’t hesitate to check out videos and tutorials on how to operate the airbrush gun, how to blend the liquid foundation to get the perfect shade, and how to use the makeup with a setting spray.  

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