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Posted by Alzbeta berka on November 27th, 2019

Uber is a multinational ridesharing company that offers different types of transportation services. A customer may book an Uber-taxi for personal ride or may even share the ride with others.

1) This ridesharing company makes it possible for an individual to book a taxi with one tap of the finger using an Uber-app. Hence, it has become easier for anyone to get a ride at any hour of the day.

2) A cab is supposed to arrive at the doorstep within 15-20 minutes of booking a ride. Hence, you need not wait in order to get a taxi and need not stand beside the road to hail a cab.

3) It is also possible to pay a driver using various online payment systems.

These utilitarian features have made this ridesharing company popular in USA, UK and 78 other countries around the world. There are also several benefits of working with this ridesharing company. This company does not directly recruit drivers to ride an Uber-taxi. The owner of a vehicle needs to sign a contract with this company in order to drive an Uber-cab.

Hence, Uber is not directly responsible for a driver’s actions. However, the Government of UK is mindful about the passengers’ safety. Therefore, the drivers with PCO license or Uber PCO license have the permission to offer rides to the passengers. These drivers need to pass various tests before being deemed mentally and physically fit to offer rides to the passengers.

These tests are performed to ensure that the driver of a commercial vehicle is capable of safely transferring a passenger from one point to another whilst ensuring their comfort. It is compulsory for a driver to pass the ‘Topographical Skills’ assessment, medical tests and the English language test in order to get the license from the ‘Public Carriage Office’ of London.

A) With the help of Topographical skills assessment, it is possible to determine if a driver can use the A-Z Guide to locate different places or to plan the routes of varying distances.

B) The medical tests are performed by the DVLA Group-2 medical standards. Any certified physician in UK who has access to your medical records is capable of evaluating your physical condition and to ensure that you are medically fit to drive a cab.

C) It is essential to know the basic level of English in order to get the PCO license. TFL (Transport for London) approves the ISE-I-(B1) and IELTS tests to show the level of a driver’s communication skills in order to ensure that a driver is capable of understanding a passenger’s request.

If you are interested in driving a taxi, minicab or an Uber-taxi, then you need to file for a Greater London PCO application. The PCO license remains valid for three years from the date when it was issued. It is essential to renew this permit before the end of the validity period if you do not want to lose the permission to drive an Uber-cab or any other taxi in London.

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