5 Hacks To Clean The Office Windows

Posted by jamiefison on November 27th, 2019

When you hire window cleaners they will take care of the window exteriors but what about the messy fingerprints on the inside of the window panes? Wiping the windows clean may not be in your list of to-do things but then it needs to be done. Who will do these? There are so many windows in the office. You need someone dedicated and who will clean all the windows at one go. We suggest that you opt for service provider who offers commercial cleaning London.

When you opt for commercial cleaning London you can be rest assured that they will clean the windows in such a way that they are spotless and shiny. Dirty windows don’t look good and they affect the outside view as well. And in case you don’t want to spend money on commercial cleaning and are looking for ways to clean the window yourself then you need to follow the below mentioned easy five hacks.

  • Since you are cleaning the inside of the window you have to make sure that the cleaning solution should not drip into the walls and the floor. They will leave a dirty stain behind. To make sure that this does not happen place a towel below the window and on the wall as well as on the floor so that whatever solution falls, the towel will absorb it.
  • Do not clean the windows on a bright sunny day. You must be wondering why since sunny days mean that the window will dry off quickly. But there is a problem here. If the windowpanes dry of faster then you can buff them, it will leave behind a streaky surface, which is not at all desirable.
  • When you are cleaning the window make sure that you use the right cleaning solution. If you want to get rid of the grime then use a solution made out of warm water and vinegar. If you just want to get rid of the fingerprints then use a pinch of liquid soap as well. it will do the needful perfectly.
  • For a sparkling and spotless window use a dry cloth to wipe the pane after the cleaning is done. Make sure that you sue several strokes to get rid of the any dirt that is left behind.
  • And finally to make sure that there are no streaks left, use a lint free dry piece of cloth. They are easily available in the market. Use it to give the final wipe to the window. And then you are done.

Are these steps not simple enough? You can easily follow them without any kind of difficulty. So what are you waiting for? Try them out today and see the difference. In case you think that this is too much and you wish to hire experts for the job then feel free to consult us. We offer commercial cleaning London services at cost effective rates. Drop us an email or call us in our toll free number today. We would love to hear from you.

About the Author: This contribution has been made by Jamie Fison who has written a number of articles on Commercial Cleaning London and provides fruitful information. To know more, please visit www.jncleaners.co.uk.

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