Master of Business Administration Fostering Professionals of the Generation

Posted by Neha Kaul on November 28th, 2019

Master of Business Administration or MBA is that one course, which has created a surge in numbers of students across the world, especially in India. It is precisely because of the rigorous training it provides in instilling a sense of professionalism in young minds.

Students from all walks of life, diverse backgrounds choose to start their professional journey with a course of MBA. Not only this, gradually as this course has gained all the attention of the world, the MBA training course has also changed dynamically to cater to the needs of students. 

 MBA courses are available in many domains, from General MBA to an MBA in a particular specialization such as Marketing, Human Resource management and more.

Not only this, MBA is now available in domains which earlier no one could have expected in wildest of imagination. Take, for example, now MBA courses are available in sports management which earlier was an oblivious idea and that too for quite a long time. Also, consider the example of MBA in Healthcare management. There was hardly any MBA college having a curriculum in this domain. With the passing time MBA has gained importance in multifaceted fields because no matter how well your business idea may be or how well your business may be established, the building block is “management” only.

There are so many prestigious institutes like IIMs, SP Jain, TISS and more that have welcomed the idea of these courses. 

MBA in Integrated Business 

There is another interesting and dynamic course which has been come into the picture with time and that is the Integrated MBA course. Students pursuing this course can actually save one year of education. You must be wondering, how? SO the idea behind an integrated MBA course is a holistic layout with the help of which students can pursue their graduation and MBA integrated. SO if someone is pursuing a three year BBA course or a four-year course, an integrated MBA would leverage the need to do an MBA in one year instead of spending two years.  SO with integrated MBA course, students can pursue their graduation and post-graduation in four or five years, in case of BBA + MBA & +MBA respectively.

 Integrated MBA is a boon for students who have a clear vision of pursuing an MBA as this saves their time and money. However, not all students long for an MBA and are still dubious about the idea of pursuing an MBA or some other course. 

MBA in Global Management 

So, in this case, an integrated MBA won’t be a good idea.

As there is another face to the market phase in the present time and that is the market today is kind of converging, this means that the global boundaries which prevailed earlier are no more in the scenario. Business is flourishing all across the world and countries are more than willing to expand themselves across the borders, this has given rise to yet another MBA specialization and that is MBA in global business. Students who dream of trading or establishing a business globally, this is the ultimate course for you. 

Again, pursuing an MBA or not pursuing it is equally good till you possess the right skill sets, behaviour understanding and professionalism to work in a formal set up or maybe start your own startup. 

Each student has his/her own journey and his/her own longing to learn more and become skilled. SO it is an individual choice to pursue it and to not pursue it.

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