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Since ancient times, it has been used by various nations to treat wounds as well as to treat fevers and relieve pain. In the Middle Ages, it was even used internally, crushed into a powder against digestive problems. Crystal evokes in us the idea of crystal clear water and so it affects us with its purifying healing energy. Its effects deprive us of negative energy and charge us with positive energy. Crystal is a very versatile stone, it has special properties and meaning - it can be used in all places and energy centers of our body.

The crystal crystal is also used as a pendulum to determine the pros and cons of our decisions. The crystal ball awakens clairvoyance and thus serves for divination and insight into the future.

If this stone is used for meditation, it is recommended to position the crystal with the spike up. On the contrary, in healing, especially the treatment of various blockages, it is important to draw negative energy into the ground and therefore the spike should point downwards.

Crystal crystal should be placed in any household where it acts as a harmonizing element and together with rose quartz protects against electrosmog.

As an alternate healing method, or as some men and women call a holistic treatment, or strengthening the human entire body and mind, crystal healers have now been around for thousands of years. Employing various patterns making use of natural crystals, a crystal healer's job with the aura of a body helps it to heal it in some way, whether or not physical or emotional. Sometimes known as gemstone therapy, the employment of crystal for sale is as widely varied as the stone that are used in this procedure.

It is best to clean the crystal overnight, by dipping it in a bowl of water, or keeping it under running lukewarm water for at least a few minutes. The crystal can be placed on the hematite mineral to discharge it and then fully recharged in direct sunlight, where it can be left for as long as desired. With crystal, any stone can be cleaned and energized.

From an astrological point of view, it is assigned to the following signs:

* Lion
* Capricorn
* Aquarius

* stone can be worn anywhere on the body
* for a peaceful sleep place near the head
* in case of pain lay on the affected place on the body
* in case of nervousness and stress, it is recommended to hold one in each hand and stay calm for a while
* to harmonize the room, the stone can be placed anywhere in the room

It strongly supports activation of the highest seventh chakra (top of head) and sixth chakra (third eye). However, it can be used for all other chakras.



Crystal is a precious quartz variety. It is clear, glassy, ??translucent to completely transparent and occasionally passes into milk quartz. The crystal walls of some stones may be slightly grooved laterally.

Beautiful crystal crystals come mainly from Brazil, Russia, Himalayas and other world deposits.

If you are interested in natural raw crystals, we can offer you genuine crystals. Our crystals did not travel a long way from abroad, from resellers to the ultimate owner, like most of the sold and imported foreign stones. The crystals we find are natural untreated and otherwise untreated stones and crystals, which we offer in their original form, as they were discovered by us in the nature of the Highlands. These are separate crystals, or only parts of them, or only fractions, but they have retained their energy.

Most of our crystals have a slightly polished, matt, velvety surface, so they are very pleasant to the touch and give a playful and cuddly impression in your hand. Their lightly ground surface was caused not only by the water, which smoothed them to their present form, but also by the soil acids, which made their surface opaque.

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