How Much to Buy a Bounce House

Posted by sunjoy on November 28th, 2019

Many people want to know how much does a bounce house cost. It's not just a question of "how much to rent a bounce house" or "how much to buy a specific model bounce house". That's easy to get a price once you ask the suppliers. People want to know how much a bounce house really costs to own and how much it will continue to cost during the use and maintenance. This article is going to help you figure out all the questions about the purchase costs of a bounce house.

1. Commercial bounce houses are more expensive

If you are operating a party rental company, then what you need is commercial inflatables, not residential inflatables. The residential bounce houses (also known consumer bounce houses) only cost around 200 to 300USD, or even cheaper. Meanwhile, an equally-sized commercial bounce house can cost 1000USD or more. You much notice this pretty sizable price gap between them. This is because they are made from different materials. A residential bounce house is a toy for several children that using it once or twice per month. And a commercial bounce house is an investment that strong enough to be used once or twice per day by lots of kids.

2. So how much does a commercial bounce house actually cost?

A standard commercial bounce house typically costs between 1,000 USD and 3,000USD, on average. Other bouncers like combo, water slides, obstacles can cost even more. The price basically depends on the features of the unit and amount of the materials used. That's why you can expect that some giant inflatable obstacle courses can cost you tens of thousands of dollars.

3. What else should be added to the bounce house cost?

If this is your first inflatable jumper, you will need to invest in some essential accessories, too. An electric air blower is usually not included in the bounce house price. So you need to buy one at least for your inflatable model according to the size. A large tarp that protect your heavy duty inflatable castle or inflatable water slide from the dirty ground is also necessary. Some commercial inflatables come with a repair kit, but if they don't, this is a necessary expense to ensure your inflatable always being in good working order. At last, you should understand that a commercial jump house is very large, heavy, and cumbersome, you have to consider how to physically move it from one place to another. Therefore, you should invest in at least one hand truck or moving dolly if you are working with multiple inflatables.

4. Shipping cost also cannot be ignored

Shipping a commercial grade inflatable is not easy, especially from overseas. So you must consider the shipping cost when purchasing your bounce houses. Due to the size and eight of your commercial inflatables and the way you choose to ship your products, the total costs can be significant different. You can ask the supplier how much it cost to ship this bounce house to your location. And sometimes you can lower the shipping cost per piece by buying a few more at one time.

5. Let's calculate the total cost

Let's buy a bouncy castle with slide combo unit and all the required accessories for instance. The large jumping castle can cost 1,950USD, and shipping from China to America will cost about 350USD, a 20' x 30' tarp cost 150USD, an air blower cost 120USD, a hand truck cost 300USD, a vinyl repair kit cost 25USD if necessary. So the total cost will be 2,895USD. Please note that these are just very rough estimates and the actual costs will vary. This number seems a little high for a family. However, it will pay for itself reasonably quickly if you choose the right model for your rental business.

At last, the cost to buy a bounce house is ultimately up to you. What kind of inflatable and how big do you want? How much of an investment should you make into accessories? These are factors you’ll want to calculate yourself. If you don't have experience to open your new bounce house rental business, Sunjoy Inflatables is glad to help you come out with ideal and budget-friendly solutions.

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