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Posted by webzaa on November 28th, 2019

Today we will talk about graphic design and designers who only need their hands and a computer to create real wonders. The graphic design work of an agency is an art, but it is also a great tool for Online Marketing, or more specifically, for Content Marketing. Nowadays, if you dedicate yourself to online marketing, it is very important to know how to create images with phrases or infographics to increase visibility on the web.Reflect a moment. You are a person who loves to read blogs about marketing, corporate identity of brands, SEO positioning ... etc.

How many times have you found yourself in articles that have read graphic design pieces?

Most blog articles include different pieces of graphic design to make reading more enjoyable. For that reason, graphic design is important.

The infographics in the articles are infoproducts, whose content is shared especially well on social networks. And who doesn't want their articles to reach visibility on social networks?

The header or cover photos with attractive phrases are the first impact that a reader has with the article. It is an important part in the structure of the blog. You have to get an impact on the reader and leave him wanting more to read the full article.

Stand out from others by personalizing your social media posts to get interactions.

To increase engagement and visibility nothing better than a good image with an attractive phrase for the publications of your social networks.

These four tips are examples of why you should learn (albeit in a basic way) how to learn to use an online graphic design program. In addition, there are free!
An article that is composed solely of text is more difficult to read and understand. The images help you in reading and help your eyes to rest. The infographics specifically, are a faster way to assimilate the information. Being dynamic graphic design elements, they invite you to share on social networks. As a social media tool they are almost fundamental.

Images are much easier to process by our brain than texts. Therefore, the design of logos, infographics, retouching images, creating images with attractive titles or designing the header of our blog article, are some of the most relevant examples of online graphic design of the moment.

Quiet! It is not necessary that you become a professional graphic designer, but you will see how with a few basic notions, it will greatly improve the look of your blog.

If we search the web, we will find many online graphic design programs. These tools make work easier for those who are not professionals. An example of them is Canva, which will allow you to create infographics and many other things.

You also have the option of retouching images online with online graphic design applications such as Pixlr.

Do you want some basic tips on graphic design so you can improve your designs?

1. An initial sketch will help you with the composition of your graphic design piece:

The first step is to create a sketch that helps you preview all the elements that you want to include in your image.

2. The alignment of the elements is very important:

If we want the image to be organized and to facilitate the understanding of those who view it, take care of the alignment. Surely you do not want to run the risk that your message loses effect or goes unnoticed directly.

3. Size does matter:

Play with the sizes of the different elements to highlight those you consider most relevant.

4. Good readability:

Typography can sometimes play tricks on us. If you use one that does not facilitate the reading of the text, you run the risk that, however beautiful it may be in the composition, users are unable to decipher what it says. You know, it must be read apart from looking pretty.
As advice, do not use too many. The normal is two or three at most.

5. Colors to contrast:

It uses a good color range, but also some color that contrasts with the rest to highlight the attention of that element. With this color guide for graphic design you will choose the most influential color based on your company's values.

What are you waiting for to practice? Surely in a short time you have fallen in love with graphic design and you cannot stop designing.The reason why brand managers rely on us is simple. We have demonstrated our expertise by channelizing it into innovative activities that connect effortlessly with the prospect, wherever he might be. Webzaa’s in-house Digital Execution, Website Development and Graphics Design studio are creating customized solutions for brands.Our industry knowledge and experience coupled with our logistical preparedness, precise venue selection and multidisciplinary expertise is making brands come to us and stick with us. We work on annual retainership which include Strategy, Execution, Creative, Web Design etc for all digital mediums. As a successful brand owner, you want to explore online selling to expand your business, and you soon realized that setting up a Brand Offline is not enough. Worry not, Webzaa - The Digital Marketing Agency in Mumbai has all the answers. From strategy for profits with web development and systems integration to technology platform, we take care of everything- leaving you free to invest time and expertise in managing your brand.

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