artificial hands delhi

Posted by sherkhansahu on November 28th, 2019

Artificial hands delhi

Lower limb prosthetics system overview. ... No other mechatronic knee joint is worn by as many people worldwide as the C-Leg. ... The microprocessor-controlled Genium bionic prosthetic system supports the natural movement pattern down to the details – without requiring the user to

Disability is a complex phenomenon reflecting an interaction between features of a person's body and features of the society in which he or she lives' is the definition of disability given by W.H.O.

Impairment in hearing, vision, vocal, movement, etc. comes under the physical disability whereas mental retardation comes under intellectual disability. People having such disabilities are known to be the 'Differently able people' these days replacing the old and embarrassing term 'Disabled people'.

Different accidents, hereditary influences and long term stress come under the leading causes of disability, resulting the difficulties in hearing, walking, talking, logical manipulations of mind, humiliation, lack of means for livelihood, etc. artificial hands delhi

The differently able people are going through the same phase in most of the countries, particularly in the developing countries, as alternatives for each of the difficulties they are facing, are yet to be found.

In spite of the difficulties, some differently able people have been shining, making the pride of the country high. Albert Einstein, Thomas Edison and Alexander Graham Bell in spite of being suffered from learning disability initially, later on shone in the world, and are still glittering as the legends in the field of their inventions and theories.

Helen Keller, being herself blind, deaf, and mute, devoted her life to people with disabilities.

Stephen Hawkings, the world famous physicist and mathematician, is an epitome. Though he is now nearly paralyzed, he is teaching through a computer supported a machine by which his words are compiled.

Jhamak Ghimire of Nepal is another leading example in the world. Despite of being suffering from cerebral palsy, she has done a lot in the Nepali literature, receiving prestigious Madan Puraskar as an accolade.

Meena Paudel is the other name which is not to be forgotten. Being herself a differently able person, she has been working as a project manager of Nepal Disabled Woman's Association, which promotes the rights of women with disabilities, for which she has recently been awarded as the winner of Aosta's (Italy) "Women of the Year"

This is not done. Those people have equal freedom and rights as we are enjoying ours. They should be taken care of and be encouraged so that they can go beyond their potentialities resulting fruitful aftermaths, which is again for the country itself.

Many paths can be followed to help those differently able people. Boosting their self confidence is one. Helping in their daily living by providing different education and trainings is the other. Not only that, motivating them and helping them to enhance their self esteem is the next. Raising funds for providing the physically challenged people with artificial hands delhi , legs, and wheel chairs is on the top of everything else as much more differently able people are seen incapable of affording those materials.


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