Fat Loss Training: 4 Rules to Pin Down

Posted by ryanspiteri on November 28th, 2019

Dreaming about that ripped, fat-free, toned body is very easy, everyone aspires of that, but our past lives and unhealthy lifestyles don’t let us pursue health-regime religiously. But, the ones who are determined to a fitness routine and want to get better every day, then here are 5 thumb rules that you can follow. Also, one can follow a boss shred program for better results. It is a 12-week fat loss transformation program that will guide you through your journey of fitness.

Ryanspiteri Boss Shred Program


Here are 5 thumb rules:


1) Prioritize Nutrition

When it comes to fat loss, there is nothing more important than nutrition. If you are serious about stripping away your body fat, you must take time for your cooking, grocery shopping, doing the dishes and also keeping a food journal. Only aspiring won’t work; when you want to achieve something amazing like a shredded body, then the amount of effort needed is infinite.

It’s time to cut down on time-wasters such as social media, web surfing, online gaming, etc. For dieting there perhaps is some diet plan that works for everybody! Each body has different needs so; it mainly needs to focus on quantity or portion control. Eating healthy and in limits can work wonders for you in the process. 

2) Pick Big, Hard Exercises

 Irrespective of your fitness goals, effective training begins with the right exercising routine. The exercises that work the best in the fat-loss process pick those. Also, focus on the exercise that works on your major muscle parts such as thighs, chest, back, and hips. So, pick up the hard exercises to stay in the business. Even if you are following any fat loss program such as boss shred program, hard exercises are a must.


3) Get Stronger & Build Muscles

On the path of fitness, you cannot pursue a fat-loss regime, but muscle-building too. You have to be strong in this game and work harder than every day. And, when getting stronger is considered crucial for muscle building it is also essential for fat loss. To achieve such saturation, you would want your body to be burning as much fuel as possible. To do this, your body should very much “fuel-inefficient”. 

 Losing fat with cardio, the more you do, the more fuel-inefficient your body becomes. But this is opposite in the case of resistance or weight training, the more weight you lift, the more it takes out of you. The online boss shred program teaches you the same. 

4) Get Outside

Like it or not—we are made to be outdoors! It might not seem practical to roam around with a barbell set outside but, running, cycling, swimming, trekking, etc. are the exercises that we need to reconsider pursuing. The natural environment gives you another-level motivation and energy to work out, have fun, reduce stress and reap the benefits naturally.



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