WOW: Warrior's General Skills

Posted by Ambroise Pierre on November 29th, 2019

WOW: Warrior's General Skills

General skills

Hero Attack-A skill that greatly increases your next attack power. Tear Armor-Your next attack weakens the target's armor. Ripped armor can be accumulated 5 times. Continue to weaken the target's armor to take them more damage. Ripped Armor does not add up with Armor Breaker, but it can add up with Elven Fire. Shield Strike-Instantly strikes the target with a 75% chance. Cannot be used in a violent pose. Broken ribs-your next attack will deal additional damage and have a chance to delay the enemy's movement for a while. Best used to prevent enemies from escaping quickly. Can also be used for escape.

Can be used in both combat and violent poses. Tear Wound-Your next attack will bleed the target. In addition to your regular weapon damage, your attack target will also suffer bleeding damage for a period of time. This trick should be used at the beginning of the battle. Available in combat and defensive positions. Sacrifice increases anger tanks by reducing life. Best used in a team with a healer. Generates X Rage instantly and Y Rage for the entire duration. Available in any posture. Bash-Bash the opponent, causing X additional damage. WOW Classic Gold is something that no player will refuse, because its importance in the game is self-evident. But if it is only obtained by the task method, it will waste a lot of time and energy.

Can be used in any posture. Collision-Collision with an enemy, causing X damage and stunning the opponent for Y seconds. Revenge-Instantly counter melee attacks on your enemy for X seconds. Enemies who attack me from behind cannot be attacked by revenge. Execution-Try to kill an injured enemy, causing X damage and converting each point of anger into X additional damage. Only used for enemies with X% or less life remaining.


It's important to enhance the skills of various weapons so that you can switch between them at any time when different types of better weapons appear. Save as many weapon types as possible in your parcel and switch them to exercise weapon skills. Now buying Classic WOW Gold at ZZWOW can enjoy a degree of discount. Later, I bought a lot of gold coins here, and exchanged some great weapons and equipment. With their blessings, I was far ahead of my opponents.

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