Good Washroom Practices For People Suffering From Hemorrhoids

Posted by Michael Griffin on November 29th, 2019

Going to the washroom is a hassle for people suffering from piles but a few good practices can ease the pain, boost recovery and prevent it from recurring. Under enough pressure from activities like holding the stool in or sitting in the washroom for long, blood vessels in the anus and rectum can swell and are called piles or hemorrhoids. This condition is accompanied by pain, discomfort and bleeding making going to the washroom inconvenient for many. Fortunately, there are many over-the-counter methods to treat this disease at home like hemorrhoid wipes, gel, cream, suppository, etc. And by changing the way you use your washroom, you can control this disease and prevent it from happening again.

Go When You Need To

People tend to ignore the urge to pass stool in favor of continuing a meeting, watching a movie, etc. Holding the stool in is uncomfortable and gives enough time for it to dry up and become harder. Dry and hard stool takes more effort to pass and can cause the rectal veins to swell. So listen to your body and use the toilet when you need to.

Don’t Strain Bowel Movement

Straining your rectal muscles and holding your breath while passing stool puts some pressure on the venous cushion in the anus. This causes the veins to swell over time. It can spread an internal pile to the exterior or develop it into a prolapsed one.

Don’t Sit On The Commode For Too Long

Sitting on the toilet seat for a long time can also put some pressure on the venous cushion that is not good for pile patients. Ideally, you shouldn’t take more than 10 to 15 minutes in the washroom. Using smartphone or reading books can cause you to lose track of time, so avoid these activities when using the washroom.

Don’t Use Dry Toilet Paper

Dry toilet paper may scratch and irritate your swollen nerves. Moisten the paper before using it. You can moisten it with water or use a gel for piles. You can also use OTC hemorrhoid wipes to clean yourself and relieve the pain. You should try wipes and gels with anti-inflammatory ingredients like witch hazel and pure aloe vera if you are not allergic to them. You can also use baby wipes as long as they don’t have alcohol because it dries your skin which can irritate the swelling. Dispose of the wipes in the bins because most of them don’t disintegrate easily in the flush and cause drain clogs.

Wash Yourself

Warm water keeps you clean and relieves the pain and swelling. Pour a few inches of warm water in the tub and soak yourself in it. Use a sitz bath to clean yourself. A sitz bath is like a small tub that can be attached to the toilet seat. Soak your anus in it for fifteen minutes. You can also use a bidet to spray warm water at a comfortable pressure for relief and cleanliness. You can do this three times a day for comfort. When bathing or showering, use unscented soap as perfume can irritate the swelling.

Try Squatting Instead Of Sitting

Humans used to squat when passing stool before the invention of toilet seats. Squatting with your knees against your abdomen aligns your internal organs naturally and allows the stool to pass more smoothly. You might find this pose a bit uncomfortable with hemorrhoids. You can place your legs on a stool under the toilet and bend slightly forward. Avoid sitting upright for a better bowel movement. There are many toilet squatting stools available in the market that can adjust to the commode’s shape and help you save space.

By following the bathroom practices mentioned above, you can control your piles, boost the healing process and prevent it from happening again. If the symptoms don’t go away a week after home treatment or worsen, go to a doctor.

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