What are the Materials of Fireproof Shutter

Posted by aihw on November 29th, 2019

Fireproof shutter doors are generally installed in garages, shopping malls, warehouses, etc. where there are large entrances. Its role is to prevent fire and theft. The more common rolling shutter door is a fireproof rolling shutter door, of course, there are many kinds of fireproof rolling shutter doors, and the rolling shutter doors of different materials have different effects.

1. Fireproof rolling shutter materials include composite fireproof rolling shutter doors, steel fireproof rolling shutter doors, inorganic fireproof rolling shutter doors, etc. If it is classified according to the installation method, there are two kinds of fire-proof rolling shutter doors in the wall and the side of the wall. If classified according to the opening direction, there are roll-up and side-rolling fire shutter doors. The characteristics of each material are as follows.

2. Steel fireproof rolling shutter door, the rolling shutter door is made of steel material for curtain board, seat board, guide rail, lintel, box body, etc. This rolling door has a rolling door machine and a control box, which can play a rolling door required for fire integrity.

3. The curtain surface of the inorganic fiber composite fireproof rolling shutter is made of inorganic fiber material, and the steel material is used as the plywood, guide rail, seat plate, lintel, box, etc. This type of rolling shutter is also equipped with a rolling door machine and control box , Can play a fire prevention effect.

4. The special fire-resistant rolling shutter door uses inorganic fiber material or steel material as the curtain surface, and steel material as the guide rail, plywood, seat plate, door lintel, box, etc. This type of roller shutter is also equipped with a rolling door machine and a control box, which can meet the requirements of fire integrity, heat insulation and smoke resistance.

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