3 Myths about Wood Decks That Needs to be Busted

Posted by ResistMist on November 29th, 2019

Warmth and natural beauty of a real wood deck are what makes it a favorite choice for many homeowners for decking. However, despite its advantages, people still had some inhibitions that hold them to make it their final choice and having a beautiful backyard.

Let’s look at three of the most common myths and find out if that is true or otherwise.

Myth 1: Wood Deck is Hard to Maintain

All decks, whether made from wood or other materials such as composite or timber, they need to be cleaned periodically. Dirt particles, moisture turning into algae or mold settle onto the outdoor surface. The good news is that cleaning wood deck with a professional wood deck cleaner at regular intervals (on yearly basis) will keep it looking its best and help ensure a long life.

Wood deck maintenance is simple and easy if you keep checking and cleaning it before the dirt has a chance to build up.

Myth 2: Wood Decks Won’t Last

With regular cleaning and sealing, a wood deck can last up to 20 years. Being said that, a lack of proper care can shorten the deck’s life but as mentioned above, it is easy than you think. There are also a couple of other things that can affect the quality of a wood deck, making it deteriorate soon. Lack of ventilation underneath a deck also is a major factor that causes a deck’s framing to rot out prematurely.

The simple solution here, of course, is proper deck design and construction along with unmistakable consistent deck cleaning with a wood deck protector.

Myth 3: Wood Deck is Not Eco-Friendly

Wood deck is the eco-friendliest option for decking. It is an organic material that fits well into an environmentally friendly intended design and it is easily available in any climate. The most advantageous factor of choosing wood decking is that it can be disposed of and recycled for use in a relatively responsible way once it is no longer needed. In fact, North America is religiously contributing to maintaining sustainability and making sure to regenerate the trees that are harvested for wood.

In Conclusion

Wood is the only material that has been used in home construction for thousands of years and there is no doubt that it will only increase in popularity.

Many of the myths about wood probably generate from their remarkable properties and performance characteristics. In truth, wood is nature’s ideal building material, it is abundant, easy to maintain and has an unbeatable strength. The common requirement to increase the life and impact of a wood deck is to clean it regularly.

Find market-leading wood deck cleaner at Resist Mist and keep your wood deck clean for years to come.

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