The Benefits of Using Energy Saving GU10 LED Bulbs


When it comes to lighting the home, more and more people are choosing LED bulbs as opposed to halogen and other traditional lighting methods. Aside from the fact that they can be easily integrated into your existing light fittings, LED light bulbs have a myriad of benefits and are the most eco-friendly option on the market today.

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LED or light emitting diode, is essentially a digital light, which is extremely clean, and one that illuminates instantly unlike other traditional lighting which may take a few seconds to achieve full brightness. The extremely popular GU10 LED bulbs have had testimonials from many homeowners stating how much they have saved in lighting bills, but the benefits of energy saving GU10 LED Bulbs don’t stop there. Chances are you’ll be surprised at how great they are, so we’ve compiled 5 reasons why LED bulbs are a great option for around the home or workplace.

1. The savings

The savings speak themselves once you find out how much conventional light bulbs cost to run. Based on the energy saving calculator at once you convert to LED lighting the savings start to build up immediately.

2. The long life

LED bulbs have an estimated 50,000hr lifespan and never burn out like a regular light. This means that you would only ever need to change a bulb once every 17 years or so if you run them at 8 hours a day. For factory owners with high overheads, LED lights are the perfect option as they help reduce lighting costs and maintenance overheads due to the fact they only need replacing every 15 -20 years.

3. Eco friendly

LED lights are completely free from toxic chemicals whereas most fluorescent light bulbs contain horrible things like mercury and other nasties. Due to the fact LED lights are also 100% recyclable they help reduce your carbon footprint by almost 1/3rd . In addition, due to the long lifespan of these bulbs, you can potentially use 25 traditional bulbs in the amount of time it takes for an LED to run out.

4. Energy efficient

Did you know that regular light bulbs operate at a mere 20% efficiency? This means that the energy used only converts 20% into light whereas the other 80% is wasted and converted into heat. Essentially you’re paying more for your light bulb to heat your room than light it up! LED light bulbs, however, operate on an 80-90% efficiency rating, meaning you’re getting at least 80% light for your money every time. When used on a huge scale, the energy efficiency and savings become apparent very quickly.  gu10 wifi bulb

5. Low voltage

GU10 LED bulbs emit the same amount of light at a far lower wattage. You can have the same amount of light as a 50W bulb for a mere 3.6 watts. For outdoor settings this is extremely useful as you can connect a solar energy source to the bulb, or even purchase ready-made solar LED lights and benefit from the same amount of light as a mains operated LED system.Visit our GU10 LED bulbs section to shop for energy saving bulbs.

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