Bluetooth Earphones – a wireless audio component worth the penny

Posted by esha jose9 on November 30th, 2019

Now, who doesn’t love music. It’s with us each day. Soothing sounds, nature symphonies, manned albums and so forth. And experiencing these melodious tunes come with a surprising loving price. Cheers to the earphones and headphones industry for bringing us the much-needed audio outputs – EARPHONES to ensure we have a blast with our favourite tunes each day.

But first, let’s understand some do-able earphone specs before we hit the BUY button:

  1. Built-in microphone – this is the most common and yet the most important feature when looking for headphones online. A built-in microphone can allow you to receive calls and indulge in a video chat experience as well – making your earphone a tad-bit more versatile than before.
  2. Bluetooth Connectivity – A wireless headphone must come with a Bluetooth connectivity or else how do you even expect it to play an audio in the first place.  But on a serious note, look out for update Bluetooth versions when purchasing Bluetooth earphones online.
  3. Flat cables – If you have a wired earphone, a flat cable can be useful. I personally recommend the JBL T290 and JBL T110 as their flat cables are tangle free, durable and come with an aluminium housing. What’s better than that now, eh?
  4. Ergonomics – Ergonomic settings come to play when you are scouring through wired headphones online.A suited ergonomic design helps accentuate your experience making it comfortable for you to wear these bulk audio devices with ease.
  5. Fabric Headbands – Should you choose to invest in Bluetooth headphones, wired headphones or wireless headphones; it’s imperative you look for a fabric headband as plastic can hurt your skin and cause irritation and aches, unnecessarily. Now, we certainly don’t want to invest twice to ensure we have another fabric headband, because the previous buy failed miserably, do we? So, make up your mind and switch to functionality, style and comfort all at once with Fabric Headphones
  6. One-button remote: All earphones and headphones must definitely come with a one-button remote to switch radio stations, change a song, pause a song, switch to a microphone – so on and so forth. Every standard earphone in today’s times complies with this feature, so then why buy something that’s not up to date?

With all that and so much more, earphone online shopping is certainly not all that hassle. Just a few key features to consider and you are good to go. Shop for your favourite earphones online, but don’t forget to look out for their specifications!

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