SMPP Server India is Fast-Changing the Bulk Messaging Business Environment

Posted by shivangi on November 30th, 2019

SMPP gateway software and SMPP server India are the two most significant parts of the bulk messaging business environment. As far as the users are concerned, they should have a good application for delivering messages by way of an SMPP platform. This application gives the server the ability to communicate with an SMPP client via the SMPP protocol that is used for delivering short messages in bulk. Users get the flexibility of delivering one single message or a large number of SMSs with the perfect combination of an SMPP server and SMPP client. Moreover, the server carries out the task of passing delivery reports to the users. This means that the users do not need to indulge in extra action for getting the delivery reports of the messages.

SMPP Server India Version

The standards in SMPP server India have evolved drastically over the years. The oldest version of SMPP is SMPP 3.3 and it is extensively used even at present despite its varied restrictions. This version of SMPP gateway software offers complete support but only for GSM. Then there is the SMPP 3.4 version that adds tag length value or TLV parameters. This version offers support for all non-GSM messaging technologies. The SMPP 3.4 version also provides single connections or transceiver support that have the potential of sending and receiving SMSs. You should also know about the SMPP 5.0 version that is probably the latest version of SMPP server India. It offers complete support in the field of cell broadcasting.

Unique Plus-Points of SMPP Server India

For the ones who do not have any idea of the exclusive features of SMPP server India, here is a quick breakdown of the same. But keep in mind that if you are looking to avail of the best features of an SMPP server in India, you will have to make it a point to get the services from a good provider established in the market. As of now, the features are as follows:

  • The users of SMPP gateway software get the option of creating unlimited users. This is due to the user-friendly web interface of the server.

  • Users also get great scalability features.

  • There is absolutely no need for the users of an SMPP server to worry about lost connections or unstable connections. Good quality servers coming from some of the best and most popular providers in the market have the ability to balance the load in an automatic way and in holding messages till the gateway gets into its stable position.

  • The users of an SMPP server also get the ability to route messages on the right track for availing the maximum benefits of inexpensive routing. When creating brand new SMPP users, the already existing users have the flexibility of making the choice of routing rules for clients based on different business agreements.

  • Users on SMPP servers also have the option of deciding on how the customers are required to bind with their servers. This can either be through IP-based binding or through open binding.

  • Users on SMPP servers also get the ability to define their spam keywords for the purpose of avoiding all kinds of spam SMSs that can be delivered through their podiums.

Spam filtering is also one of the greatest advantages of an SMPP server in India.

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