Benefits Of Playing Games That Researchers Have Proven

Posted by Sealectric on December 1st, 2019


Most people say that playing video games is a bad thing, only blaming them. But do you know that Many researches have found that playing games is very good.

Helps to slow down aging
Research has shown that older people who regularly play video games develop better cognitive and emotional development. Since most games will allow you to exercise the brain all the time When the mental development is good Aging also naturally slows down

Help relieve stress
For those who are often obsessed with stress Playing games is one way that helps to divert attention well. To ease the state of frustration Also makes you feel relaxed Or better mood

Helps to exercise in the body
These days, golf clash games or Nintendo Wii are considered very popular. Which will make players to stand up from the chair to play without help In addition, it also encourages the desire to play sports.

Helps to better interact with others
Research has found that People who love playing games tend to have more positive thoughts. And tend to be more compatible with others.

Helping to remember better
Most video games require a lot of thought. Especially if the game requires memory to play Can greatly help the brain's memory to develop incredibly quickly.

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Helps develop skills in working with others
In some games that require a lot of thought If there are people who come to help think or plan together, they will help develop relationships. Including trust without knowing it.

Helps to promote work
Playing the game causes players to try and try it themselves many times, which is the development of problem solving skills without knowing it. Therefore, when faced with various problems at work, they tend to solve problems themselves highly.

Helping family relationships closer
This is considered one of the greatest benefits ever. Because playing games together in the family helps members spend time together While also helping to improve mental health.

After seeing this, I would like to tell the cute parents that they should not forbid their children to play games.

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In fact, video games can give you many more benefits. But definitely have to know how to play as well, so instead of not changing to help give better suggestions.

All the benefits of video games are something that most people already know. Today, Nintendo's Wii Sports and Wii Fit games are beginning to be used as therapy and entertainment devices in hospitals and nursing homes. Helps to do light movement and exercise activities. Playing games is more beneficial to children than sitting and watching TV and surfing the internet, both fun, solving loneliness and stress relief.

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