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Single memory foam mattress and better sleep for children

Posted by Sarah Addyson on December 1st, 2019

These days the quality of sleep has gotten worse and worse and a big part of the affected demographic are children. This has happened because of a number of external factors. Some of these factors are: the use of screens that emit blue-light and the environment in which they sleep. One of the most important factors in the bedroom environment is the quality of the mattress the parents choose. Two of the best options would be to sleep on a small single mattress or on a single memory foam mattress.

Choosing the type of mattress

When searching for the right mattress you should first think about the size needed and the type better suited for the child. Usually a small single mattress or a single memory foam mattress should work best. There are also other important properties of the mattress to think about, such as: being anti-microbial, having an air cooling system, and being made out of gel.

Some of the best choices are the gel memory mattress and the air cool memory mattress but a single one cannot have both since the technologies cannot be both incorporated at once.

It is also important to remember that a single memory foam mattress would suite better a child or person with back pain or aches since it helps them have a stabile posture during the sleep but it comes at a higher price so if you want to buy on a budget and do not need back aid or any other kind of pains and aches a small single mattress should do the job just right.

Choosing the brand

Choosing a mattress by brand should not be your concern since most of the mattress patents are public and usually work in the same way but with that being said there will be some differences in the formulas some brands will use although it should not make a big difference. In most cases they will probably be made of the same types of materials resulting in the same technologies (even if they might wear a different name based on branding) and quality offered. It should not matter since most stores will have lots of common selling points; the only one that should matter for the buyer is the price.

Buying second hand

From an ecological perspective buying any kind of product second hand would seem like a great answer to reducing the bad impact we have on the planet but buying a second hand mattress is a matter divided in half.

Is it definitely better if you want to buy on a budget as the options found online should be plentiful. Also the damage done by mattresses alone as waste cannot be overstated, but even with that being said you should know that buying second hand might not be a healthy alternative and this is why:

• It might be too used even if it doesn’t seem so at first glance, you might start to see the defects while using it for a while

• It might be infested with bed bugs. This is a serious matter. It is fairly true that a quick inspection should do the job before buying but even so, missing just one or two could result in infesting your whole household, and would add other big expenses that will make the “cheap” mattress not a bargain anymore

• No warranty. Even if it works just fine for a while you have no guarantee it will keep doing so and if it does break in any way you cannot change it with a new one.

• Someone did sleep on it and it might be hard to accept for some persons. It seems easy for some people to just overlook it but it might be harder when you buy it for your child.

Trying the mattress in store

The last piece of advice would be to have the child try the mattress directly in store if possible. Most stores allow people to test the mattress directly so a feedback from the kid might be the decisive factor regarding the decision being made.

Also, keep in mind that some stores allow for a test period in which you can take the mattress home and use it for a specified amount of time, and if at the end of it you think it does not suite you, for any reason, you can just return it with no questions asked.

Resource Box: There are many online stores where you can find a  small single mattress  or a  single memory foam mattress . Based your decision on the needs of your family.

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