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techniques for choosing used luxury car

Posted by kitsadagoodcar on December 1st, 2019

I recommend everyone with techniques for choosing luxury cars for sale. Or techniques for looking at second-hand luxury cars, especially European luxury cars, for the readers to know before choosing to buy a second hand luxury car with 5 techniques to check as follows

1. Check the condition of the car, both exterior and interior
Which the car condition should be according to the age of the car Check car year All year numbers must match, including the car body, engine number Must match the specified registration book In addition, should look at the color of the car body, whether there is color distortion or unevenness of the body surface and the seams of the car or not.
2. Check the car registration book. Authentic registration book Artificial registration book How to observe?
In the registration book on page 16, it describes the tax payment details. With every tax payment every year Tax items will be printed every time Therefore, each type of letter or space pattern will have different distances. If the pattern of typing is the same The ink is equal on every line. Equal spaces on each line Equal spaces on each line of each tax year Therefore is unusual Which can be assumed that the book is a copy of the book itself
3. Inspect the brake system
You can do it while driving. Try to brake suddenly. In order to test the brake system and the ABS - of the car system that can still work perfectly or not The test can be used at speeds of no more than 60 km / h, while brakes can also check for faults. From the brake sound that Abnormal brake pads Including the brake disc that has a complete contact surface or not. Which this test is very important for driving safety
4. Check the components Of engine
That there is an unwanted liquid leaking Or have parts that are cracked or rusted or scratched Cracks or not Including opening the engine oil lid to check various stain and rust conditions To check the integrity of the piston rings As well as looking at the color of the internal liquid to see abnormal colors caused by the Over heat, causing the cylinder head to bend Causing other liquids Mixed in engine oil or not By this step, if the buyer doesn't have any knowledge in this field Should have someone to go to inspect as well
5. Sellers must be reliable.
The seller is a legally registered company. Or an agent appointed by the car company will create confidence for the buyer Because these dealers will have to check the condition of the car that will be sold to customers At this point you can reassure the buyer that you are buying a car that is legal. There is warranty and responsibility after the sale.
        All is the technique of choosing a second hand luxury car. In the next episode, we will have more interesting news. Follow at รถหรูมือสอง

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