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Connections International :

Get The Best Solar Water Heater At An Affordable Price in Singapore!

About Us - The Best Solar Panel For Solar Power Water Heating!

High temp Water from Solar Energy

Associations International is engaged to offer inventive better quality items than our clients in the neighborhood market and area. With our client's enthusiasm on a fundamental level, we advertise items that are exceptional among their friends.

Associations is one of the early pioneers in upholding sun powered heated water framework since 1977.

The organization is the first to present erosion free tempered steel tank for sun powered boiling water frameworks.

Zero guarantee record for our hardened steel tank, an accomplishment unrivaled by some other maker.

With over 30 years of experience, our group has the best individuals for sunlight based heated water frameworks, for private and business applications.

Get The Best Edwards Solar Hot Water Panel in Singapore!


Level plate sun based boards

Marine-grade 316 hardened steel stockpiling tanks

Prestigious strength

- tanks and boards outlive production line guarantee by another 100%

Planned and produced in Australia

Return of venture of L305 for a common family is around 5 years.

Edwards sun oriented high temp water framework works on the regular thermosiphon rule, for example at the point when water is warmed it rises. The sun straightforwardly warms the water as it goes through the sun oriented boards. The warmed water at that point ascends to the highest point of the boards and returns into the capacity tank. This procedure proceeds while the sun is sparkling, giving you and your family high temp water free from the sun.

The new present day configuration, joined with the quality of tempered steel and the certainty of obtaining a quality Australian planned and made item, will furnish you with significant serenity for a long time to come.

For melancholy or blustery days, an electric component sponsor, in the tank, goes about as a back-up helper source.

Sun oriented VACUUM TUBES

Vanguard cylinder structure

One of a kind snap-on get together permits adaptable development.

Higher ingestion of sunlight based vitality

Vacuum fenced in area guarantees nearly negligble sun oriented warmth misfortune

No complex required

Structured and produced in Europe


Do you sit before your PC and hang tight for the render viewport to invigorate?

PYTHA dispenses with all these.

Surface and shading mappings are prompt

You can even do a continuous stroll through of your rendered 3D model on your scratch pad before your client


Pytha is a 3D CAD programming created by PYTHALab, in Aschaffenburg, Germany. PYTHALab has been devoted to programming developmentsnice 1978 and they have started their entrance into the worldwide CAD showcase by setting up vital collusion with accomplices in the real urban communities of Germany, Istanbul, Hong Kong, Kanazawa, Singapore, Sydney and Brisbane in Australia.

Involving Model, Raytra and Radiolab, Pytha can streamlined your structure procedure to cut expense and abbreviate your plan leadtime.



Address:Inselstrasse 363741 Aschaffenburg Germany

Tel:                        +49 700 PYTHALAB

Tel:                        +49 6021 37060

Fax:                       +49 6021 48455



Edwards Hot Water

Address:112 Pilbara Street Welshpool WA 6106 Australia

Tel:                        +61 8 9351 4600

Fax:                       +61 8 9351 4698



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