Get the best shape for your cake with Glitter for candy

Posted by Smith on December 2nd, 2019

People’s fascination and love for the glitter seems to be rising like never before. It has already created a buzz in various cafes, breweries, bars, and restaurants. The restaurant and café owners are experimenting with various hues and shades of shimmer and glitter to make an amazingly astonishing drink and food items. Not only at the cafes and bars, but the people at their own houses are also seen making some spectacular concoctions of glitter wine, glitter coffee, bakery items, and many more. It seems that the people have hugely fallen for it.

You can buy glitter to make glittery drink and savories at your home. Imagine surprising your guests with a fabulous looking unique drink, they will be totally taken aback with the gesture, isn’t it?

There are two types of glitter available in the market. One is an edible glitter that is non-toxic and safe to consume. It is made up of the ingredients which are edible and are FDA approved too. The other kind of glitter available in the market is the non-edible glitter which finds its usage in art and craft, creative home decorative items, stationery, and so on. To differentiate between the two and buy the one that you are looking for correctly, you will have to be mindful of reading the label of the product. If the label says it is edible and is safe to consume, that means it is edible glitter. While if the label says “not fit for consumption” or “for decoration purpose only”, then it falls in the latter category. The ingredients that the edible glitter contains are sugar, mica-based pigments, acacia or gum arabic, maltodextrin, cornstarch, etc. All these ingredients are fit for consumption and are safe.

You can use edible glitter in your food creations. Glitter for candy is a very popular buy which is conveniently and easily available in the market at any good store. You can buy the same to create your own glitter candy. Other than any big store, the glitter dust is also easily available online. Take care to purchase only edible food-grade glitter for making your candies. To ensure that the same is safe and consumable, do read out the list of ingredients that are used to make the edible glitter. The ingredient list is often mentioned on the label of the packing.

The glitter is also available with various other names like edible dust, sprinkle dust, spir dust, luster dust, petal dusts, etc. The glitter has a silky texture. Also, the glitter does not have a taste and hence it retains the original taste of the food and drink. The colors in which the glitters are available are green, gold, blue, silver, violet, copper, etc.

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