Rummy Indian Game and Its Variations

Posted by James Wade on December 2nd, 2019

Rummy Indian Game

Rummy Indian Game and Its Variations

If you are a Rummy lover, you must have heard about 13 cards Rummy Indian game. It has different variations loved by many people in India. But do you know about 21 cards Rummy game? This one is another excellent version of Rummy. People of southern India love to play this game. However, the 13 card Rummy players sometimes find it a bit confusing. The rules and strategies are a bit complex than other Indian Rummy rules. Gradually this game also gained immense popularity because of the Rummy sites and our social media. People started discussing about its complex strategies to win this game, and then they hit the floor to conquer.

Let's check out the correlation between these two Rummy games. If you have already played 13 cards game, this correlation will help you to understand this 21 cards game clearly.

Rummy Indian Game - The Difference of Card Decks

We know that when two players are playing 13 cards game, they utilize a single deck. On the other hand, when the player's count is over two, they use two standard decks. Similar wise, when you play 21 cards Rummy Indian game, you have to utilize three card decks.

Indian Rummy Rules and Its Differences

According to the Indian Rummy rules, in 13 cards Rummy you have to make two pure sequences. But in 21 cards game, the player has to execute three characteristic sequences.

If you want to become a pro player, you have to learn different tips and techniques in both cases to win this game.

There are some differences in jokers too. According to the Indian Rummy rules, you have to pick card joker as well as printed jokers at the starting of the game. However, in 21 card game, you can select the card jokers as per your choice. It has the lower joker and the upper joker. Though a Rummy player cannot utilize these jokers but if you have these cards, you can get points.

Now let's check out some of the common things between these two.

Strategize The Game Properly

You have to play smart while playing Rummy Indian game. The quantity of the card varies. But you have to be careful while picking or discarding cards in both games. When you play 21 card games, keep in mind that you can make a proper sequence easily if you utilize the cards 5, 6 and 7. These cards are magical. So, use them to win this mind game.

Observe Your Rivals

When you play this outstanding mind game, keep in mind that you have to concentrate on this game solely. Otherwise, the opponent will bear the palm. You have to figure out what cards your opponent is holding. This one is one of the crucial Indian Rummy rules. Your primary objective will be observing them minutely. Otherwise, you'll discard a valuable card. Your rival will not miss the opportunity to win this game.

You can learn and play 21 cards Rummy Indian game easily. Different video tutorials are available through which you can learn Indian Rummy rules. If you become a pro player, this game will become a medium of earning for you.

So you got know how to play, then start playing your favorite Online Rummy at Classic Rummy without any hassle & win cash prizes every day.

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