Predictive Astrology- What does it actually mean?

Posted by AstroTalk on December 2nd, 2019

What Predictive Astrology Holds For An Individual-Discover This Astrology Practice more

Astrology aid an individual in gaining insights about their past, present and future. Whenever we hear the term “Fortune Telling”, the initial term triggering our mind is Astrology.

A similar known fact is it comprises of distinct practices which include Numerology, Palmistry, Vedic Astrology, Horary, Tarot Reading, Prashna Astrology, Lal Kitab Astrology and various other astrological practices. But little we all are aware of how accurate predictive astrology is and the facts are hidden in the world of spirituality and occult sciences.

Several questions pondering our minds are likewise?

Is astrology true for marriage?

Will my marriage astrology prediction turn out to be true?

Is astrology true in relationships?

Is Hindu Predictive Astrology True?

How accurate is astrology predictions?

Did the astrologer tell me the right prediction about my career?

Is online astrology accurate?

Can I trust online astrology software?

Is Astrology related to the black hole?

We often assume Predictive Astrology and Natal Astrology as the same. But both are on opposite sides of the pole. The term predictive astrology indicates making accurate predictions. However, there is a very much thin line between both the practices. One shed light on an individual coming future and the other one just indicates their personality characteristics and their predictive growth on the basis of their birth time.

Moreover, a contradictory part beholds that Predictive Astrology does not make use of an individual’s natal charts. Our ancestors follow several predictive techniques and these practices have always turned out to be noteworthy in predicting an individual’s future and the upcoming events in their life.

Earlier, our ancestors utilize several predictive astrology methods like transits and planetary movements. But lately, the astrology practice has evolved itself in certain distinct ways and the practice has entered into a new dimension over the years. Here are some famous techniques used in Predictive Astrology-

Lunar Cyclic Charts-

Timing is one of the most prominent parts in predictive astrology. With a reckless movement, Moon is considered to be the most reliable aspect in predictive astrology. The traditional predictive astrology has always taught us that the moon’s planetary position determines the planet’s (transit, sextile, opposition, square and conjunction).

For example, a revoked Moon usually signifies that the time frame for an individual is not favourable for meeting someone on your first date, approaching firms for a job interview, commencing new projects and activities at workplaces. However, the period is favourable for exploring lost projects, making a list of things to be done, marking your presence at social events and also family get together.

Primary Directions-

This signifies the primary directions occurring once a year with accuracy in time, only to established with a few minutes of the arc. Usually, primary directions are incomparable with the traditional methods of predictive astrology. These directions thereby list several interesting yet upcoming governing an individual’s life.

Solar And Lunar Return Charts-

This predictive astrology technique is equipped with establishing a new chart on homecoming of both Sun and Moon to their existing positions. The solar return is however considered to be a virtuous period of the year of an individual’s life until their next birthday comes.

This is a very much predictive astrological method in exploring answers in unfolding various life events of an individual until their succeeding birthday happens to be. Same goes with the lunar cycle where it governs an individual’s health.

Sunlight based return Moon in natal first can demonstrate well-being peril. The sun-powered return Moon in natal tenth shows open occasions which are fortunate or unfortunate as per impact of benefic and malefic. Return Moon in natal seventh shows an extreme level of accomplishment over foes. Sun based return in 4th natal chart of Moon fourth shows mystery matters or potentially accomplishment with composing a will.

Predictive Astrology often serves well in determining certain upcoming life events of an individual.


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