Materials used to make watches

Posted by sere on December 2nd, 2019

Even if we use them every day, most people will not bother to think about how remix classic men's watch are made or what materials they are made. When buying a watch, we only need to choose a watch that suits our budget and lifestyle. Today, all kinds of materials can be used by watchmakers. Each material is highly appreciated by the watchmaker for its unique properties. The watchmaker is always thinking about the future and they spend a lot of time trying new materials. Many watch manufacturers today offer clocks and choose the case metal. The three most common alloys used are high alloys Stainless steel grade, 18k gold and platinum grade. Stainless steel stainless steel is the most common alloy used in the case today due to its durability and water resistance Erosion properties. This is a very hard metal, perfect for making professional sports watches such as travel alarm clock watches and sports Time watches. Compared with precious metal watches such as gold or platinum, steel watches are practical choices for daily use. It is usually considered a formal watch. Gold is the second most common metal in watch making and is considered the classic choice of the best watch. Although it is more malleable than stainless steel, the 18 karat gold is very durable and fits well with the watch. 18 k gold alloy can be formulated into three different colors of traditional yellow, pink/rose or white. The gold-plated case is made of a steel base and is covered with a thin layer of gold. The cost of making this watch is obviously lower. Platinum is the most unique metal used in the case. It is an extremely rare precious metal with excellent heat resistance, wear resistance and corrosion resistance, and is an ideal material for exquisite collections of clocks. There are other materials that are less commonly used in making watches, including titanium and silicon. Titanium - This is a very durable white metal. Silicon- It has the advantage that it does not require oil and theoretically reduces the amount of friction, thus prolonging the life of the watch\'s movement. When you buy a watch for yourself, you may not consciously think about what the watch is made of, and you will only look for styles and prices that suit your needs. However, if you buy someone a watch as a gift, you may want to let that person know that it is a high quality gift. In this case, what the watch is made of may be important to you.

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