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Posted by Wei Mai on December 2nd, 2019

How much to tip a massage therapist can be a confusing thing. On one hand you have the spa massage therapist that can be put in the same group as nail technicians and hair stylists. Another group is sports massage therapists and medical massage therapists. Typically people in the medical profession don't receive tips for their services. Lastly, what if you are not from the United States? Different countries have different customs. For example, Canada reimburses its citizens for massage, thus massage is seen more as medical service versus a pampering service.

Below are listed the basic rules of how to tip a massage therapist:

Table Massage Tips Basic Rules
Massage therapist in a spa or outcall massage (at your location) - 10-20% of the total bill.

Massage therapist in a medical environment, such as Chiropractor, etc. - normally no tipping*.

Chair Massage Tips Basic Rules
Chair massage that is paid by the customer - 10-20% of the total bill

Chair massage paid by an employer or trade show - normally no tipping*.
*If you do want to tip, ask what the establishment's guidelines are. Tipping may be against the company's policies or they might not mind. Each situation is different.

What if you don't want to tip?

An exception to all of the above is when a customer doesn't want to tip and it's not a reflection on the services they received. Customers have a right to not tip because tipping is a courtesy. Many massage therapists I know are grateful for tips and don't expect them. Tipping, and how much, is ultimately the decision of the customer.

Beware Hidden Tips

Lastly, a word of caution; in many tourist areas, a spa or salon will add a tip to the bill for the customer - without asking! This is an automatic process at many places. Then, because the customer is not aware of this, the customer will add a tip to the bill not realizing they're double tipping! This is an unfortunate reality that massage customers need to protect themselves from and for more info please click here outcall massage singapore 

Hopefully this has answered all your massage tip questions. Remember, if in doubt; ask the massage therapist or company. They will be pleased that you care enough to want to tip.

Tantra massage is an ancient eastern massage discipline which combines gentle touch with a deep tissue massage fully awakening all of the senses, while at the same time healing the mind, body and spirit. Tantra massage awakens the sexual energy as well allowing one to get back in touch with the self. Memories, emotions and desires are reawakened, permitting energy to flow while increasing stamina.

As you lay in a tranquil setting, the masseuse will proceed to massage your entire body with warm fragrant oils. This type of massage when expertly done allows you to enter into a trance like state where you will forget all of your problems and relax, while your body becomes increasingly conscious.

The process boosts ones awareness of sensual energy, receiving pleasure and joy while being in a completely relaxed state, at the same time being fully aware and awake. Trained masseuses will coach you on breathing properly so that you may receive the full benefits of the massage which are plentiful and discussed below.

All business is stressful and most people lead demanding lives in this day and age. Irregular hours, the pressure of deciding on important decisions, jet lag etc, all contribute to our overall health and state of mind. Having the luxury of a professional masseuse visit you in your own hotel room, will ease all built up stress and tension allowing your physical body to feel light and rejuvenated while your mind feels soothed and relaxed. Tantra massage is one of the best ways in alleviating the stress and demands of a fast paced life-style.



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