Application of small character inkjet printer in egg identification and marking

Posted by xingsihui on December 2nd, 2019

With the development of technology and living conditions, people's requirements for food are getting higher and higher. How to establish people's confidence in the consumption of products through the logo, so that food manufacturers pay more and more attention.

How to distinguish the freshness of eggs on the market has always been extremely confusing for consumers. In the supermarket, the outer packaging of the eggs will indicate the shelf life, but the large number of eggs stored in the wholesale market need to go through the farm - batch hand, when is the egg produced? How long did it take? Where is the source? ... There is no way to know a series of questions. In this case, the inkjet eggs are accepted by more and more people. The surface of these sprayed eggs is smooth and clean. In the early stage, the strict eggshell cleaning process has been carried out, so that bacteria such as Escherichia coli and Salmonella, which may be hidden on the surface, have nowhere to hide. Spraying the production company, brand, farm trace code or QR code, while making the source information of the egg at a glance, it also plays an anti-counterfeiting role. Egg spray coding requires the use of an egg printer.

In general, food jet printers are products used in food packaging production lines. But the eggs are fresh, the shelf life is short, and there are very few products to be packaged. Therefore, more eggs are needed to spray directly on the egg products.

Consumers who purchase inkjet eggs can find that the ink of the body and the egg case cannot be washed away with water, but disappears during the cooking of eggs, which makes many consumers guess whether the ink will follow the eggshell and eggs. The stomata of the intima penetrate into the inside of the egg, causing food safety problems. In fact, the ink used in the egg printer is not an ordinary ink, but an edible type of inkjet ink, which has reached the consumption standard and can be safely consumed by consumers.

There are various types of inkjet characters on eggs, such as company name, trademark pattern, egg production date, traceability code, two-dimensional code, etc. There are certain requirements for the type of inkjet printer's printed characters. It is understood that in order to meet the demand for characters in the process of egg coding, the egg printer has its own operating system platform, comes with a font library, barcode QR code library, etc., can support multiple languages. In addition, the egg printer can also be connected to a personal computer to work, making the editing bar code more powerful.

Purchasing a suitable marking and marking equipment is a top priority for manufacturers. Sojet Elfin VIE high resolution inkjet printers meet your needs in the egg industry.

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