Career Opportunities in the Travel & Tourism Industry

Posted by Skylark Institute on December 2nd, 2019

India is expected to create 4.5 lakh tourism-related jobs by 2025. The demand for skilled personnel is increasing day by day. What’s growing with an equal force is the accessibility of Travel management courses, diploma, professional certification, & short-term training programs. 

Naturally, the question arises- what does the future look like for students who choose to study Travel & Tourism Management?

The Various Career Opportunities in Travel & Tourism Sector 

Although the job opportunities are growing as a whole across the Travel & Tourism industry, there are a few areas where it’s happening remarkably quickly. That includes areas like hospitality, travel management, tourism administration, ticketing & reservations.

For instance, the various kinds of career choices in this field could be: 

  • Travel Agency staff
  • Travel and Tourism Consultant
  • Travel Agent
  • Tour Operator
  • Ticketing staff
  • Air hostess / Cabin Crew
  • Airline employee / Airport staff
  • Entrepreneur
  • Tour Guide
  • Customer service manager
  • Event manager
  • Tour manager
  • Tourism promoter/marketer

The tourism industry is adventurous and very exciting, with opportunities to travel abroad. From entry-level jobs to senior positions, this sector has plenty of options in various airlines, hotels, transportation sector, state departments, cruises, cargos, Immigration and customs services, and so on. People who work in this field gets a lot of benefits as well, including but not limited to discounted holidays, free travel for the employee and their families, a handsome package, etc. 

The scope of employment in the tourism sector is very bright and has high potential with varied opportunities that exist in both the public and the private sector. It is a treasure-trove for skilled candidates who understand how the industry works. Plus, candidates who gain a fair bit of experience and build a strong enough network have the option to establish their travel agency in the future. 

How Can Travel & Tourism Management courses help? 

By supplying the industry with adequately trained students and helping youngsters attain their dream careers! 

In almost every kind of work in this field, employees need a certain set of skills to advance in their careers. They need to interact personally with the customers, make them comfortable, understand their requirements, create tours, follow up, stay updated on the latest technological changes related to the sector, stay presentable and ready to assist, know what their duties are and perform them properly. 

A good Travel And Tourism Institute, in Delhi or elsewhere in India, can help students understand just what the industry expects from them. These Travel courses guide youngsters towards their desired career, prepare youngsters through the right training, and propel them to success. With an industry-ready curriculum, experienced trainers, and practical learning methods, top Travel Institutes like Skylark can be the ideal solution for young students who want to establish their future in the Travel & Tourism industry. 

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