Simple Tips to Help You Save a Few Extra Bucks When Shopping for Rugs and Carpet

Posted by rugstown on December 2nd, 2019

A good rug or carpet can add the perfect décor element to your house without being too over the top. This is one of the main reasons why so many people are shopping for rugs and carpets as compared to a decade ago.

With all the online influencers constantly talking about ‘aesthetics’ it is not a surprise that so many people want carpets for their décor. If you are looking for the best rugs for your house, here are a few tips that will help you save a few extra bucks off your carpet and rugs’ purchases –

Go To Thrift Stores
There are tons of thrift stores online as well as offline where you can buy vintage items that have been loved and used before. Thrift stores have excellent pricing, and this makes for a perfect deal too because a lot of artistic weavers have their own designs set up.

You can enjoy one of a kind rug or carpet that no one could possibly have because thrift stores usually have one of each item and not bulk manufactured items be it décor or clothing and fashion related items.

Make Your Own Rug!
That’s right! These days there are tons of DIY methods to create your own home décor right from Surya Rugs to cheap wool rugs and other decorative items for the house. This way, you can easily recycle and reuse your old clothing items too and not be wasteful with your purchases.

You can also get a professional tailor to create a rug from your old woolen sweaters that you simply don’t want to wear anymore. Upcycling the items can help you reduce clutter in your house and this way, you can also keep that old scarf or sweater that you’ve enjoyed so much!

Shop During Sales
Seasonal sales are perfect to purchase wool rugs for sale online and offline because you can get a discount of 15% and above easily on your purchases. The best way to shop during seasonal sales is to create a Wishlist of all your rugs that you want and bookmark them on your browser.

This will help you compare prices on those specific rugs any time and also across different shopping platforms making your job a lot easier too! Seasonal sales also have defective items on sale so be sure to keep an eye out for those.

Along with these 3 tips, you can also look for specific discount coupon codes as well as credit card company deals. A lot of credit cards sign up for a collaboration with huge e-commerce website that provide the customer cashback offers as well as options like freebies and extra points on every purchase which can help you in future shopping sprees!

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