How to Distinguish Ancient Tree Tea from Terrace Tea

Posted by naturalpuerh on December 3rd, 2019

In general, green puer which has been aged less than five years has a slightly bitter taste with a sweet aftertaste. As the tea ages, it becomes smooth, sweet, loses its bitterness, and the color changes from light yellow to amber color by years. It leaves a very smooth taste on the lips. 

Here are seven ways to tell you exactly how to distinguish between ancient tree tea and Terrace tea.
1, Sweetness.
This kind of sweetness refers to the direct expression on the tongue after the entrance. Do not confuse Huigan with sweetness, but its sweetness is elegant and sweet, which is often covered by Huigan. After drinking tea for a certain number of years, you can separate the tastes, but it is difficult for new tea customers to taste. Sweetness is also a factor in identifying good or bad, but it is not the key, and it can only be cultivated slowly by everyone.
2, Tea soup.
Terrace tea soup is insufficient in internal quality, so it appears yellowish green. The tea soup is as thin as water, and there will still be a feeling of hot mouth when you drink it. You can try this feeling carefully. The ancient tree tea is full of the same quality. The mouth feels very different.
The ancient tree tea soup are all honey yellow and bright in color, and this is the performance of early spring tea. Identification of the consistency of tea soup Do not drink the tea soup in the mouth a little, just judge, you should try the tea soup in the mouth and drink a few mouthfuls. After detouring in the mouth for a week and then swallow, you can feel the tea soup viscosity, and you can feel the tea soup Thick fullness and smooth feel.
3, Back to sweetness and watering.
Coming back to sweetness and watering are the basic flavors of tea. Terrace tea come back to sweetness and watering are relatively fast, but the persistence is poor. Generally, they begin to weaken after 6 bubbles. The taste of ancient tree tea is relatively stable, fast and long-lasting.
4, Bitterness.
Bitterness is also the key to distinguishing the quality of tea. Bitterness is the nature of tea. Any tea has it, but there are only two reasons for heavier teas:
1, One is that the tea tree is younger and absorbs less nutrients from the soil, and other flavors are weaker. At this time, this nature is particularly prominent;
2, The other is to fertilize tea trees, especially urea can quickly grow, but it will quickly change the soil structure. Alkaline is strengthened in shallow soil that can only be absorbed by platform tea, so it will cause bitterness; according to These two reasons can tell you that bitterness is definitely not tea, nor does it mean that tea is very stimulating, and it will not be irritated after a long time; some people say that no bitterness, no astringency, no tea, these are wrong views, bitterness is original, and Can be said to be a disadvantage of tea.
There is a very practical identification method for this: leave a cup of tea soup when drinking tea, and drink it after cooling. The terrace tea with insufficient internal quality can only drink a bite of the tea soup with only a bitterness and astringency, while the ancient tree tea Although the bitterness will be aggravated after the cold, but his tea aroma, sweetness, health, and sweetness are still there. This is the manifestation of the rich and stable tea nature.
5, Throat.
Throat rhyme is also one of the keys to distinguish the quality of tea. It is also very important. Generally, there is very little tea on the platform. Even if it is, it quickly dissipates. The rhyme is the cool and comfortable feeling formed in the throat. Your breathing is particularly smooth, with a high degree of refreshment, and it will also form the feeling of sweetness and watering and aroma staying in the throat. When you breathe, this flavor will enter the mouth of the breathing zone. At this time, an illusion will occur, as if the throat can also Tasted sweet and fragrant;
The pharyngeal rhyme is produced because when the tea is rich in internal quality, the flavor will be cumulatively released in the throat when the tea soup is consumed. The lack of internal quality of the platform tea will be released before it is accumulated, so the rhyme cannot be formed. This rhyme, ancient tree tea can last for 20-30 minutes after drinking tea, the longer the rhyme, the more endoplasmic.
6, Persistence.
The continuity can be simply described as the foam resistance of tea, but it is necessary to pay attention to the identification. The amount of raw tea must be 8 grams, and it must be accurately weighed. The method of brewing must be standard. Use at least a porcelain bowl and glass. A fair cup, a thick porcelain tea cup, the so-called "workers must first sharpen their tools".
When making tea, use mineral water. After the water is boiled for the first time, keep it in a small boiling state. You can open the soup for 10 seconds each time. When flushing, you don't need to pour the tea in the cup directly. , And then the soup comes out after about 10 seconds.
In this way, the standard brewing method can objectively identify the persistence of each of the six flavors in each of the soup water. When drinking, if you find that one of the flavors is weakened in a certain foam, the continuity of the tea is proved Degrees only reach here.
Huantai ground tea generally begins to weaken after 6 bubbles, and the ancient tree tea can last to 8-10 or more, and the better one can continue to 12 or more. Do not say that the tea you buy can be made a few times, and you will feel the sweetness and hydration of the tea. If the method of making the tea is not standard, just add more tea and stop the heating after boiling. It can be brewed for a longer time, which is a special technique for tea shop flicker tea customers; the continuity determines the stability of tea. The longer the continuity, the higher the stability.
7, Stability.
Through continuous identification, the stability of the tea can be obtained. The better the stability, it proves that the tea's internal quality is particularly rich. When it is stored in the later period, the later ageing can be obtained steadily, so it can prove a lot Tea customers say that the cheap new tea is very irritating after buying it back, and it tastes good after several years of aging. When the original tea does not have the intrinsic quality, what kind of material does it use for aging?
Pu-erh  tea has vitality, and at the same time, tea also has gestation period, juvenile period, youth period, middle age period, and old age period. After the old age, tea will slowly pass away. It is not that tea can be stored for hundreds of years. Those things that have become antiques have actually passed away .
The emergence of the blending is because the tea grown in the mountains has a lack of flavor and poor internal quality. Therefore, the teas in the mountains are blended according to different proportions to complement each other to enhance the flavor and reduce the cost of raw materials, but no matter how All the matching can only match the basic taste to achieve the standard, and it is impossible to spell out the regional features.
Different tea trees have different root systems and their ability to take in nutrients is very different.
Due to the lack of nutrients and poor internal quality of Terrace tea, it can only rely on compounding to enhance the taste, as well as the cultivation and fertilization behavior, which can only reflect the fragrance, and this fragrance will gradually disappear with 1-2 years of ageing; and The ancient tree tea can obtain the mineral components in the deep layer of the soil, and can reflect the uniqueness of each mountain in the best state of rich endoplasm.

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