5 amusement park rides too metal

Posted by sere on December 3rd, 2019

By definition, amusement park rides are exciting.

Roller coaster, bungee seat, tilt-a-whirls

You might laugh at spinning teacup, but even those fools are hardcore to their target audience: Three-year

Old Man and Maiden

As a madman, it takes a lot of things to stand out in the field of elaborate equipment that will almost kill you.

But this can be done: most amusement park rides are made of metal, but some are made of metal.

5 f1 Rossa really launches you like a Ferrari World Abu Dhabi fighter, and the goal of the Emirates Ferrari world is to let the public experience what it feels like to drive a car worth more than their miserable lives.

The dream behind the Rossa formula is this: at first glance, it looks like an f1-

Theme roller coaster: but as can be proved by almost every Tinder profile, appearance can be deceptive.

Formula Rossa uses the same technology as the aircraft carrier throwing fighter jets in the air, and all it has is your drunken ass.

It\'s very simple.

As a point of comparison, test track

Walt Disney fastest journey in the world-

The top speed is 65 miles per hour.

F1 Rossa accelerates the speed of the driver.

The speed is too fast, the rider needs to wear goggles, because flying to the eyes at this speed will basically explode your eye cavity.

Here\'s how it looks from zero to dirty in less than five seconds: to get the full effect, let\'s flip the camera and see what\'s ahead --

Experience: look at the person on the right.

Observe that the skin on his face does not flatten as if it changed its physical state.

A few seconds later, his cheeks turned liquid.

Soon after, his forehead became a gas.

Pyongyang has its own amusement park!

It will kill you!

The Pyongyang wengda playground in North Korea looks like a standard roller coaster, right?

Wrong: this is in North Korea. it was designed by Kim Jong Il. sung himself.

Although the propaganda will definitely say that this person is not a professional roller coaster designer.

The trip was properly called the death roller coaster in Pyongyang. Why?

Okay, get a good, long gander around here-

Now, I have seen it.

We can say, the conditions of the track, watch a video of some people riding it. . .

When a deputy journalist frantically pointed out that their security restrictions did not work, he described his visit to the park, where he had to wait for nearly an hour, and a guy with a mallet climbed up the top and smashed a few loose screws back.

The person in charge sent several frightened farmers in the trial run.

Say whatever you want, but that's the service: they'll tie together a dozen farmers as polite test dummies for visiting Westerners.

3 Gotterflug Sky roller allows you to control Belantis amusement park, Leipzig, ygotterflug, Germany

Not very fast.

It\'s not very high.

In fact, it is not much different from Disney's flying elephant.

The main difference: each seat is equipped with a handle so that the rider can control the tilt independently.

It sounds impossible in America. -

None of the amusement parks in their heads would give riders such dangerous autonomy.

Perhaps this is the case: this is a person who converts Gotterflug into a human centrifuge.

If the rider has enough knowledge of physics, or is just very unfortunate, he may fall into a spin of death.

The guy could not have taken this step in perfect condition with his wisdom and internal organs.

His liver is now where his lungs go, and his pancreas covers the head of the man next to him like an expensive hairspray.

The maximum gravity is like leaning back on the chair.

On a skyscraper in Taiwan\'s Taichung Libao land, look at how the track is formed ends?

It is not under construction.

The bus rolled straight on that cut

Before the final spin is full 90 degrees, depart the track and shake there until your ass swallows your pants.

Before you accuse the reckless Taiwanese of playing fast and loose on human life, you should know that this may be inspired by the existing technology in the United States.

Scream at the same temperature, nearly 900 feet from Las Vegas.

Screaming tips at the edge, hanging there for a while, then pulling back, Gravity Max doesn\'t like to joke.

Not only does it tilt to a full right angle

Straight down the car

But this is only the opening remarks.

1 totally homemade Italian amusement park/sausage stall Ai Pioppi, Battaglia, Italian man ItalyAn simply called "Bruno" has two passions: sausage and.

According to various accounts, he is typical of the former.

We cannot prove the latter.

His fully handmade, unregulated amusement park/restaurant Ai Pioppi has rides like this: these are actually just to highlight cultural differences between the United States and Europe.

In the United States, Disney World has to shut down the entire water park because of trivial safety issues such as the brain. eating amoeba.

In Italy, sausages can advertise together.

The only concern is whether the rusty murder

There\'s enough wine on the coasters. holders.

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