Expert Advice for Carpet Cleaning in This Christmas

Posted by DanielTrounson on December 3rd, 2019

When it is Christmas, you will have guests coming over, and it is hard to predict who will walk in with muddy shoes. There is no doubt that Christmas is one of those occasions that make the carpet steam cleaning Dandenong the most sought after option. Whether it is the stain of chocolate or grass and mud or food spills, there is a lot your carpet need to bear during this holiday season. To ensure that your guests bring goodies instead of mud and dirt, you can place floor mats on the heavy footfall areas, especially at the entrance. Apart from this, you must clean the pathway down to your home and the porch to reduce the chances of damage to the carpet. If you clean the exterior of your home clean, you will not encourage dirt or dust to come in every time a guest enters your house. For carpet cleaning Hallam, you can depend on the advice of experts.

Appointing carpet cleaning services is an option on which a lot of people rely. However, you can try the homemade techniques at first to make your carpet look better.

Dealing with wine and sauce

The food you serve to the guests during Christmas festivities can spill on the carpet, and for most people, it is a major cause of concern. However, you can hold back your worries and rely on simple home cleaning tips from experts to clean the carpet. What you need is a spoon full of liquid dishwasher mixed with two cups of water. Take a clean cloth and wet it in the liquid to blot the food marks until the cloth soaks the entire thing. You can repeat the process a few times, but make sure the cloth you choose is white in colour to avoid staining the carpet again.

Everyone including your guests enjoys sipping red wine, but sipping it on the carpet is not pleasurable for the hosts of the party. It is just a few simple tricks that can help you to clean the stain as much as possible. Blotting the liquid with a dishcloth or paper napkin can do away with the marks to a great extent. Once you pull out the liquid from the carpet, pouring cold water on the stain can make the marks bleak. Make a paste using baking soda and water and put it on the stain marks. Once the paste dries, you can vacuum it to make it clean.

Tackling a real Christmas tree

The carpet cleaning task becomes a real challenge when the pine needles are strewn all over. With a real tree, you must water it properly to make sure that needles of pine do not drop on the carpet. However, you must not water it too often to flood the living room and damage the carpet. If your cat climbs the tree, it can tumble down on the carpet and damage it.

Things to avoid

Even if your carpet is filled with dirt to the edges, you must not scrub it hard as it can cause damage to the fibres. If you scrub the stain more than it is needed, you will find it much harder to remove them. Apart from this, you must never iron your carpet as it can leave marks and melt the polyester or nylon fibres.

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