Is WOW classic more fun than the retail version?

Posted by Ambroise Pierre on December 3rd, 2019

Is WOW classic more fun than the retail version?

In World of Warcraft Classics, the storyline is exactly the opposite. Not only are the drop probabilities of equipment very rare, but the probability of epic gear appearing is even rarer. It feels better to see green or blue items falling than any epic in BFA. If this is an item on equipment you don't need, you will be ecstatic because selling it at auction will get you the WOW Classic Gold you always wanted. There is no doubt that getting an epic item for your character in the classic raid is a feeling you will almost never get in BFA.

Some people still think that the Azeroth campaign feature film is more fun and more interesting.

Players of WOW classic can't deny that the battle of Azeroth has a ten-year development history. During these 15 years, this expansion piece has been continuously improved, and more and more storylines and game progress seem to be more comparable. World of Warcraft Classic looks more complete. And it also has the largest and most abundant mission pool, area and dungeon to explore. This unique highlight may attract more players to abandon WOW classic and move to the retail version.

Some players will hold opposite opinions in this

No one will deny the gold medal of the expansion of the Battle of Azeroth, but for those who like the classic version, they think the world of the classic version seems more magnificent and more attractive to new players.

The classic version of Azeroth is only a small part of the updated world in BFA, but it feels bigger and more daunting than before. Why? Unlike in BFA, there are teleport stones, dungeon treasure hunters, fast flying mounts, and portals in every corner. The only means of transportation in classics is mounts you can trust. If you want to get gold, you need to reach level 20 or higher and have enough Vanilla WOW Gold. If players feel that the game is too difficult, Buy WOW Classic Gold will be your best help. With his help, you can quickly increase the level and solve difficult levels in the game.

But that's not all; the classic land poses a constant threat to your character, and you never know when a mob or hostile player will be there to surprise you. However, it also makes the game so interesting.

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