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Posted by Rubina Parveen on December 3rd, 2019

Bread is simultaneously similar and unique to all countries and cultures. The bottom line is that everyone has a type of bread as a food staple. But it’s minor changes in the way that it’s made, or in some cases, only the name that sets them apart. In the Middle East, a very popular type of bread is Pita, while in Central America, it is the Tortilla. 

Being such an essential part of our diet, there are of course various brands selling them on Carrefour. Here’s a quick look at them. 

  • Carrefour Pita Bread

Carrefour’s Pita Bread has a warm smell to it and has a very comforting taste. It the perfect to be enjoyed along with some delicious home-cooked curry. The Pita is very adaptive in nature and goes along well with a lot of stuff. It can be used as a way to scoop sauces or dips, or as a wrap for falafels or kebabs. Carrefour’s Pita Bread is sure to excel in taste and your taste will increase more when you use Carrefour Coupon Codes from Barakatalan to save your money.

  • Golden Loaf Round Iranian Bread

This hearty bread is made from wheat and can be eaten both as breakfast or as a quick snack. It’s apt to be stuffed with loads of vegetable, and it compliments the savoury dish in a very surprisingly odd manner.

  • Modern Bakery Brown Lebanese Bread

This type of bread is very similar to its cousin, the Pita bread. It can also be used to accompany curries and as a warp. The only difference is that it’s made from wheat flour, instead of all-purpose. Get your Lebanese fix from Carrefour’s Modern Bakery. 

  • Capricorn Cheese Bread

We all like and appreciate a temporary break from the typical right? That’s what Capricorn’s Cheese Bread gives us. The salty, nutty cheese, with the fairly sweet bread, is the perfect combo for all our taste buds. This bread provides a brief respite from the typical flat loaves. 

  • Royal Bakers White Arabic Bread

This is also a flat loaf, along with its cousins like the Pita or the Lebanese Bread.  This bread is extremely versatile in nature and goes well with anything. This particular bread can be used as an accompaniment to curry. However, you can also use it as a pizza base, or serve it along with some vegetables. 

Imagine taking these staples out of your food for even a short while. I’m sure chaos would ensure. That’s how extremely imperative they are to a person’s diet. One of the best places to find all these brands and more is, of course, Carrefour. If you think buying it online is pricey, that’s where you’re wrong. Barakatalan has tons of carrefour promotion and Carrefour Offers, using which you can avail many discounts and benefits. Order from Carrefour now, and get to use all the best Carrefour uae promo code!


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