Future of Software Testing

Posted by shreekavi on December 3rd, 2019

Software Testing:

Software Testing is the best tool, which helps to identify errors in a software application. It is a technique of executing a source code with the intent to discover and eliminate bugs from the source code.

Various Trends in Software Testing:

The blend of Agile and DevOps:

Agile and DevOps will be dominant in the upcoming year. It offers shorter delivery cycles and gives reliability for quality to all. Continuous delivery and integration are the key elements of DevOps and they are responsible for the more active delivery cycles.

The improved focus of digital testing:

Software Industries are starting to decrease their time to market life with an improved focus on QA and Testing. The method of these companies is to involve optimizing cross-channel functional testing.

Strong Open Source Tools

Many businesses are adopting the open-source software for testing, optimization, Agile, DevOps and Defect Management. There are several open-source tools available on the market, but these resources can also be enhanced.

Big Data Testing

Companies are Using a huge data archive today, and all of these need a very strong Big Data testing strategy. While Big Data testing is difficult than any other testing, it is not possible to ignore the benefits it offers. The industry has faced many challenges, lacking capital, space and technology.


IoT is one of the fastest-growing innovations in the world, and the IoT industry is a test automation challenge. A complete web of things is interconnected over the Internet. The hardware is powered by a specialized code that links it to the internet and connects it to all other things. Therefore, the products that are connected should be tested for functionality, quality, and safety.


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