What is software? How many types of software are there?

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Nowadays, technology and communication have progressed rapidly. In the daily life of humans, communication equipment and computers play an important role in carrying out various activities. Especially research and doing business With the advancement of computer technology Causing various organizations These technologies are used to help the organization's operations become more efficient. Whether it is the sending-sending of electronic news Doing business and providing services on the internet As well as using as a tool to assist in work. You can get more information about dietary supplement by visiting https://www.stern.de/digital/computer/-real-desktop-light--3d-desktop-fuer-alle-3220416.htmlsite.

Not only in various organizations Only the computer has been used General home users Have procured computers for personal use more Because computers are cheap today. But highly effective As well as being able to use it a lot easier than in the past Until it is estimated that In the future, computers will be basic equipment in all Household is like a television set.

Computers also have components that can be seen. Tangible images such as mouse, screen, keyboard, speakers of this group, we call it Hardware, but do we know that There is another part of the computer that is very important. If there is not this part The computer will not be able to work at all. The important part of this group is Software. What is Software? Get to know each other better.

What is software?
Software is a set of commands used to operate the computer. Which is in the form of a set of commands or as we know it in the form of a computer program Therefore, the operation of the Software is like an intermediary that communicates between users. And computers to understand each other.

How many types of software?
We can divide Software into 2 types which are
1. System Software System software is a program that is written to control the operation of a computer. Make the connection between Each device Each program To work together without known and popular System Software problems such as Windows, OSX, Linux etc.
2. Application Software is a set of instructions written in a program that allows a computer to perform a specific task. In other words, the program that we are using today. Application software can also be divided into 2 types, which are general-purpose software such as presentation software. Software for communication and access to information, and the other type is software for specific tasks Which is made for specific use only, such as programs for controlling machinery

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The Many Benefits of Software
Software is a program that helps computers to perform various tasks such as accessing various media. Use the translation program type Calculation program Word Processing Or various management systems In which the example mentioned makes our work easier

Many software are expensive. Probably because the manufacturer is in a foreign country. Today, people are able to access the internet more, so many software are brought down for others to download. If it is a Freeware type, the manufacturer allows us to use it free of charge. But some are shareware or trial versions But we try to find ways to make it work throughout Doing this can be a mistake. So what We should use legitimate software. So that the manufacturers are encouraged to create good software to use.

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