Effects Of Scoliosis Surgery You Probably Want To Know

Posted by abby smiths on December 3rd, 2019

Scoliosis is the curvature of the bone that also has the potential to disfigure the body posture. If treated early, this condition is curable. If the curvature is left untreated, it progresses quickly. There are a lot of alternative treatments available for scoliosis that includes bracing and surgery. However, scoliosis Harrington rod complications are also many.

Here are some of the long-term side effects of scoliosis surgery:

Joint degeneration

When bones are being confined within a brace, the joints will lose their flexibility and will often develop degenerative problems. This may limit mobility and cause severe pain later as the person grows older. There are also many patients with scoliosis who suffer limited spinal function and severe disability.

Lost mobility

Invasive treatments like spinal fusion surgery cause many other major problems. The complications from scoliosissurgery are more severe than non-invasive treatments. It can result in a complete disability with lost body movements and control. Many doctors use a steel rod to fuse multiple vertebrae, irreversibly changing the spine’s biomechanics. When fused, the vertebrae are no longer capable of flexion, extension, rotation or lateral bending.

Weak back and muscles

Wearing braces for long can weaken the back. Doctors often recommend wearing braces for at least 16 or more hours a day over the course of several years. Over time, the stress of being trapped in rigid plastic can cause permanent changes to a growing child’s body and severely weaken the nerves and muscles surrounding the spine.

Permanent disability

Spinal fusion surgery is incredibly invasive and can permanently damage the spinal nerves, leaving patients with a variety of neurologic problems ranging from leg weakness to loss of bowel and bladder control to paraplegia or quadriplegia. As many as 40 percents of patients are considered severely disabled after having the surgery. Nerve damage, joint degeneration, implant failure, and many other complications are all likely to cause chronic pain, which can severely hamper the patient’s long-term quality of life.

Final Thought

Because of scoliosis Harrington rod complications, many professionals suggest other treatments like braces and exercise. Braces should be made exclusively for patients with minimal curvature like 37 degrees or less. Such braces are painless and are highly recommended for growing children. Physical therapy exercises are also regarded as an effective treatment of scoliosis. Be sure to consult a good therapist for better results from non-invasive treatments.

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