Benefits of Using Cloud Data Storage in 2019

Posted by eHosting DataFort on December 3rd, 2019

Cloud data storage is a perfect tool for organisations that require large volumes of information to be stored in a secure manner. With the help of cloud service providers, these organisations can rest assured about their confidential data, but only if the server providers are authentic. Thus, ensuring that a cloud hosting partner in Dubai for Microsoft, Azure, Office365, etc. has an excellent reputation is very important. This can be easily determined by reading customers reviews and testimonials, which further provide clarity for choosing the right cloud hosting company.

However, understanding the benefits of using cloud data storage is essential before venturing into this territory. Mentioned below are four benefits of utilising cloud-based storage:

  1.  Quicker accessibility 

Convenience is an attribute that is sought by all organisations to maintain efficiency among their employees. For this purpose, cloud storage is very useful as it offers quick and hassle-free access to data. Besides this, companies offering advanced cloud data storage also ensure that the servers are easily accessible for the organisations. Thus, with uninterrupted internet, large data can be quickly accessed from the cloud storage. In Dubai, partnering for Microsoft, Office365 and Azure data with a reputed cloud hosting company can be very fruitful in the long run.

Cost effectiveness

It is a well-known fact that in-house data storing can be tedious as well as expensive for an organisation. To save up on these costs, cloud-based storage is very cost-effective as the only expenditure required is the fee of the cloud storage company that an organisation collaborates with. No additional costs are charged, and large quantities of data can be stored in the cloud within minutes.

Reduced data loss

Losing data from the cloud is next to impossible, as the primary focus of cloud storage companies is to protect the data of their clients. Along with this, for better clarity, data is generally duplicated in the same data centre as backup. Other ways of reducing data loss are through geographic replication in which data duplication from different locations is easily done for maintaining more than one backup option.

Improved security 

For any well-established or budding organisation, their data is very precious and can’t be stored in an unstable manner. For maintaining a constant sense of safety of large data, cloud storage is the most efficient choice as all information saved on the cloud is protected from malware as well. The scope of hacking or a virus entering into the data is very low with cloud data storage as multiple layers of safety measures provided in the cloud. Moreover, all confidential information cannot be tampered with, which is a big advantage for personal as well as business website owners.

Easy sharing

For business owners who need to share information with their clients and other partners, cloud data storage plays a pivotal role as they can easily share data from the cloud without wasting any time. Along with this, companies also benefit from avoiding long meetings to share information with colleagues and clients as they can easily access it directly from the cloud. With this, data can also be easily synced according to organisational changes and requirements, thus keeping all information up to date.

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