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Posted by Ketan Parmar on December 3rd, 2019

Contents are the base of digital marketing, no matter which platform companies use for promoting their products as well services. Same as Blogs and social media posts, Articles are also used by the business…especially when the intent is to educate readers. 

As articles are mostly created in such a way to provide guidance, that makes article a source of information. Businesses prefer articles to acknowledge readers over their products, its features and how beneficial these products are for them.  

Business article writing relates to writing contents for readers(Potential customer) to educate plus inform about business services. 

To make more out of from the article writing, it's must that article should be written with key elements applied. So here sharing the elements that makes your Business article writing effective:


1.While writing a business article, the first thing that it must have something beneficial for readers. Answer your readers’ question with article you write. A defined question makes it's easy for article writers over what information to cover and which manner. 

2.The article should be clear and concise. Remember that your article is to educate your readers and solve their confusion, not to create another one for them. So it would be better to write it the simple way and general language.

3.Business articles have to be descriptive enough to cover important topic details. If your article contains the long one, so having an outline would be a much more helpful. This makes easy for readers to understand the whole reading and understanding easy.

4.Article formatting is an important element for keeping readers' interest. A long paragraph article seems boring to readers and persuades them to skip to the last point instead of reading all.  Better to use short sentences, headings, bullets and numberings, graphics and all. Sort of some space while reading. 

5.One writing mistakes can cost your article marketing. Always keep focus on the readers, customers when you writing business articles. As these represent your brand, so better that your articles providing values to them throughout. 

6.Brand oriented content performs better when along with the product information that tells your Brand story. Try to add some real-life examples or your brand stories that can maintain your readers' interest. Or even some case it brings your readers close to your brand. 

7.Business article sometimes becomes more in-depth and covers all the product information. It may happen that readers don't have time or not prefer to read it all.  Hence, it's always better to provide the most important notes in the early paragraph. This way you get the attention of readers and no need to fear missing out an important one. 

8.Set the hierarchy of the topics to cover from most to least important ones. Prioritizing the information makes easy for readers to get the exact points of their concern. Include some graphs, industry data, and theories in business articles that make your points valid and trustworthy. 

9.Every article you write must have some purpose to serve. There is a need for placing a CTA at the end of your business article, to inform readers what to do when finished reading. Same as the first paragraph, the last paragraph is also a key element in effective article writing. 

10.Ask readers for their review and suggestion they may have,motive them to make comments.  Call to action is the best way to find out that it is your article is effective or not. Every comments, questions and suggestions you get under the article are also kind of customer research to know more about their needs. 

Notable thing to mention is that every article should cover the relevant keywords and phrases within, so a search engine can figure out what it's about. Article written with consideration to search ranking is called optimized articles. In order to reach the target readers, it's a must that every articles are optimized with targeted keyword. 

If you are a business owner and looking for Quality articles that present your Brand well then feel free to contact us for seo article writing service. Because we know that you don't need just a persuasive articles, but there's a need for the optimized one that perform better.

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