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The Black Watch is one of the regimental dress of the Scottish Army and used for parades rather then on the front line. They are worn with a regimental cap badge, Glengarry headdress - distinctively coloured hackles are also worn by each separate battalion on the headwear in order to maintain their individual identity and the pipes and drums of each battalion continue to wear the dress uniform and tartans of their former regiments.

The tired and trusted kilt is a key part of any Scot's wardrobe as it is worn for a host of weddings, diners, anniversaries and other special events.

Best men have a number of options, they can all decide to wear the same tartan as the groom or each goes with their family tartan. When only the groom is of Scottish descent it's still common for other men in the wedding to join in by wearing a kilt in the groom’s tartan. As these will only be occasional kilt wearers hiring the outfit is the way to go. While the choice of hire tartans is limited to around twenty tartans there usually something that will work for each wedding party. Jackets

A leather kilt is a men's kilt that is made out of the material leather. Genuine leather is produced from the hide of an animal, usually a cow; however, lamb, ostrich and goat leather is also available. A vegan leather or PU leather kilt is made out of a plastic material that is designed to look and feel similar to the real thing. These "fake" leather kilts are less expensive and may be preferred by vegans and vegetarians. Today, leather kilts come in a variety of colors. Black and brown are more traditional, but you can also find kilts in red, blue, green and other hues.

Kilts have been with us for quite a while now. Designers have always, and will always, try to come up with something different that will catch the eye of prospective customers. Those of us who wear kilts do so for a variety of reasons. One reason that stands out above the others is that The Kilt is perhaps the most masculine of all garments, and people seem to instantly recognize the confidence you begin to exude the moment you put one on. Whenever you step outside in the kilt, you will be noticed. People will stop you and ask questions. They will want to take your picture. Today, the kilt is becoming more accepted on the street than ever before. It is becoming daily wear for more men, and has finally come out of the realm of formal wear or costume. Yes, the kilt is evolving. Our understanding of the kilt will also evolve and hopefully mature as more men wear it.

Whatever the case, kilts came to be a symbol of rebels and warriors and are still worn by Scottish Regiments of the British Army. The wearing of kilts among the Celtic/Gaelic people spread as their tribes migrated in all directions throughout Europe and around the world. Over the past 200 years, the kilt has become a potent symbol of Scottish pride taking hold in the traditions of the many cultures that experienced Celtic influence from the Dark Ages through present, particularly those wishing to demonstrate kinship and solidarity with the Highlanders of Scotland, whether or not they themselves were of Scottish ancestry. Kid's Kilts

There are many occasions in the life of a Scotsman where a kilt is an essential part of their wardrobe.

Wearing a kilt at events such as a first communion or even school prize giving day add to the sense of ceremony. At School dances a kilt is the formal wear of choice, usually matched with a formal jacket and tie, as the evening proceeds the look can be relaxed by removing the waistcoat without the jacket.

Another big occasion is graduation from college or university when Scottish national dress on display at a proud moment for the individual and family members. And as a student balls and graduation celebrations also call for a kilt.

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